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From the Principal

From the Principal

From the Principal

Second Term Newsletter #23

Greetings parents and guardians,

Thank you for such a high attendance at September's parent evenings! It was great to meet so many of you there. We are looking into what subjects you would like to hear or read more about. I ask you therefore to fill in this short survey to tell us what areas could be interesting for you.

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Fancy Dress Day #21

It's that time of the year again when we put on our craziest, prettiest or most outrageous costume to participate in the annual Fancy Dress day!

As it falls less than a week before halloween and on the last day before Autumn break, why not make it a halloween themed costume this year!

Please note: masks and any form of weapons are strictly forbidden as part of the fancy dress

We look forward to photographing all the creativity on Friday 26th October and having some friendly competition amongst Primary, Junior and Senior school!

PSA Meeting Thursday 11/10 #20

We would like to warmly welcome all parents and guardians who have signed up for the PSA meetings this academic year. Our first meeting of the year is tonight, Thursday 11th October at 18:00. In our initial PSA meeting we plan to discuss the vision and goals for the year ahead and nominate parents to fulfill various roles.

We look forward to it being a real success this year! We hope the working relationship of the school and the Parent School Association helps to unite students, parents and the school in a way that is beneficial to all three.

Skolval Results 2018 #18

To demonstrate the reality of elections and the importance of voting during the elections IES Senior School was actively involved this year with participating and casting their vote in Skolval 2018.

The election took place in the morning of Friday 7th September, it was set up to mirror the real government (riksdag) election that took place on Sunday 9th September 2018.

We're hiring! Click here to learn more about jobs at IES.
We're hiring! Click here to learn more about jobs at IES.