Parent School Association (PSA)

Parent School Association (PSA) - Statement of Role and Goals

The purpose of the PSA is to provide the school community with a supportive and inclusive organization that welcomes all parents and encourages good communication and cooperation between the home and the school. The PSA as a whole or as individuals can help coordinate events, projects and activities. It supports the School’s fundraising efforts, which include the Zimbabwe Primary School project, the Student Lounge, and the outdoor school environment. 

Our hard working PSA-parents during a meeting.

Every parent is welcome to show an interest in being a member of the school’s PSA. The PSA invites parents to specific School Development Meetings each term as well as to join in with fundraising and school support events, such as our important Open House events. All parents are encouraged to choose ways to help that suit their interests and ideas, and that work together with the needs and goals of the school. The effectiveness of the PSA reflects the involvement of every parent. We look forward to this being a real success this year! The working relationship of school and the Parent School Association helps to unite students, parents and the school in a way that is beneficial to all three.

Parents have the opportunity of volunteering at parent evenings. Shortly after that we have our first PSA meeting where we discuss the vision, goals for the year and nominate parents to fulfill the various roles.