Bootcamp Pannben (Push-up #2!)

From the Principal
IES Jönköping - Bootcamp Pannben

I love winter Student Choice week! It's a great chance to spend some time doing soemthing totally different and to get to know a group of our great students. This year I offered "Bootcamp Pannben" to the year 7-9s. 82 students were brave enough to sign up and 40 got offered a spot in one of the two groups.

We went on a two-day journey into the world of bootcamp - outdoor physical training, assault courses and communication and teambuilding challenges out in the woods. Tough love, grit and hot dogs - we had a great time! A movie is now under production that captures all the fun moments and excellent teamwork. Until that is finished in January - here are a few teaser photos...

IES Jönköping - Bootcamp 1

IES Jönköping - Bootcamp 6

IES Jönköping - Bootcamp 5

IES Jönköping - Bootcamp 2

IES Jönköping - Bootcamp 3