Chess Club Competition #38

Chess Club Competition #38

Who would have thought that the classic and forever popular game of Chess would no longer be played face to face but over the internet!

Virtual games are the future! 

Click here to see the website where it all happens!

That's right, our Year 2 students are currently playing Chess with other students across the country to see who will be the ultimate Chess winner. The best thing is that they can all do it from the comfort of their own seat, at their school, at a time that is convenient for all. No other planning is necessary of who will visit who, at which school and what day or time. This will enable a much more smoother and seamless process to compete.

The school that wins, will get a visit from the Swedish Astronaut, Christer Fuglesang!

So best of luck to our Year 2 students who are competing, we wish them the very best but most importantly, we hope they have fun learning and playing at the same time!