Freshly baked bread at IES

From the Principal
Freshly baked bread at IES

You know the feeling... you pick up a piece of bread from the basket, you feel immediately that it is still warm in your hand... you break it open and the steam and smell of freshly baked bread fills your nose and you say "ahhh... that's the good stuff right there!"

Today we had our first full run of home-baked bread! After building our own bakery and practicing a few recipes with Fritids it was time to scale-up and bake bread for the whole school. We had three different types of bread and they all seemed to be very popular. It was a great day and many students ended up eating more bread than the soup - ha ha! 

Wednesday 16th September 2015 will go down in our kitchen's history as a special milestone - well done to the kitchen team for being brave enough to stretch their wings and try something new.

Good luck to you for the rest of the year!

Simon Varley
Principal IES Jönköping