Fritids at Apladalen, Värnamo #96

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All Fritids units went to Apladalen, Värnamo for the end of school Fritids trip before most of our Fritids students also finished for the summer break!

They had so much fun learning about the natural history park, Apladalen.

They started the day with a fun filled bus journey with story telling, singing and laughter to Värnamo, once they reached there, they stopped for fika and leg stretching. Shortly after, followed the walk through the historical park, soaking in the beauty of nature and learning what history rests in the park. Soon reaching a play area where the staff and students stopped to have lunch and enjoy play time!

This led nicely into the afternoon, which was filled with an adventurous walk through the forest, finding and answering questions in groups of three or four left by Andy Sneath (Fritids staff member who organised the trip)! At the end of the walk, there was a healthy yet tasty mellanmål waiting for the staff and students to enjoy in the sunshine! Here, Andy Sneath announced the winners of the Q&As quiz they had during their walk in the forest!

Finally, the day ended nicely with a relaxing bus ride back to school with sun shining and lots of smiles!