Midsomer Fritids Party 2018 #95

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It is that time of the year again in our calenders when school has finished and nature has burst into life.

Off course it seems like the sun never sets with the endless ray of sunshine we have been blessed with this summer so far!

As we all know it is this time of the year, when in fact, in the north of Sweden the sun doesn’t set, and in the south it only hides for an hour or two! So why not celebrate the longest day of the year with friends and family gathering together for one of the most typically Swedish traditions of all: Midsummer! Happening this year on Friday 22nd June!

Just before we all get busy with preparing for our Midsummer celebrations we thought that our Fritids units should take advantage of being at school and have our very own Midsummer celebration with Fritids staff and students on Thursday 21st June!

(As both school and Fritids will be closed on Friday 22nd June for Midsummer).

So look out for photos of the Midsummer Fritids Party happening on Thursday 21st June with flowers, dancing, singing, lunch and strawberry cake off course! wink