Open House Events 2014/2015

From the Principal

I remember the first year of the school with great warmth and a smile. It is fair to say it was mildly chaotic, most of the time - even though we all did our very best every day. One of the many things that I remember was the need to do a lot of Open Houses and open days to make sure everyone knew that we had opened a school in town. These days it’s a very different story - we have become Jönköping County’s biggest compulsory school. This in itself brings a different set of challenges - on quality assurance, keeping the school’s personal feel and retaining our special IES identity and culture.

Our size does not mean we are self-satisfied or comfortable: quite the opposite. When you become big, well-known and have a good reputation you are examined even more closely - and quite rightly so. As a big organisation we have the responsibility to ensure we actually live up to everything that we say we do.

Our Open House events take place every November and I make the school’s vision, ethos and promise clear for parents. The same presentation is made to staff once per year so we all know what we promise to future parents and students. This year we had a full house at all events and we met many positive parents and students hoping to get a spot at the school. We have now started intake for August 2015 and have sent home offers of places.

Good luck with your applications and I hope to welcome you to our school in August!