Parents Evening 2018-19 #12

Parents Evening 2018-19 #12

We warmly welcome all parents and guardians to this school year's first Parent's Evening from Primary School through to the classes in the Senior School.

Please see below dates for each school year, we kindly ask you to make a note of them in your calendar for your child/children.

We would love to use this opportunity to meet you in person, have something to eat, give out some key news from the school (both from the Principal and the staff) and off course please feel free to use this opportunity to ask any questions:

Week 36

Monday 3rd September YEAR 4

Tuesday 4th September YEAR 5

Thursday 6th September YEAR 1-3

Week 37

Monday 10th September YEAR 6

Tuesday 11th September YEAR 7

Wednesday 12th September YEAR 8

Thursday 13th September YEAR 9