Skoljoggen 2018 #13

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Skoljoggen 2018 #13

We had a wonderful Skoljoggen morning for our Primary and Junior School students today at Vappenvallen for our annual Skoljoggen.

The weather was great and our students were dressed and present on time. The atmosphere was energetic with very enthusiastic and motivated students! They were not only ready to challenge themselves with personal goals and targets of how many laps they will run but there was true team spirit as each class worked as a team to try and achieve a higher total class score than the other classes in their year group.

The results will be revealed to them in their mentor time this week to see how many laps each student ran and how many laps the class ran in total as well as which class ran the most number of laps in the year group!

So fingers crossed for each student and class! But nonetheless, a massive well done to everyone for their hard work, support and positive attitude today!