Skyfall & Barncancer Fonden at Spring Fair #85


As you have seen the extensive list of activities prepared for the Spring Fair on Monday 11th June at IESJ, you can see that we are all ready and geared up for the event across all units and departments in the school. However, there is one particular unit that is participating in the Spring Fair but for a slightly different purpose.

Every year, we hold the Spring Fair to ensure our students, their parents and guardians can join us in having a fun filled afternoon of activities, competitions, prizes and lots of yummy snacks and edibles! Like every year, all the money raised goes back to making our school even more fun and exciting for our students and so we invest the money raised into what their wishes and desires are for the school!

This year, is like, all previous years, where we will do exactly that, expect for Skyfall Fritids unit for Years 4, 5 and 6. As part of their ongoing project for Citizenship(*), they want to raise money to show care and support for others in their community (near or afar). Both the students at Skyfall and the staff have worked hard for the past 2-3 months in making various craft items from tote bags, bracelets, keyrings and so forth to sell at their stall at the Spring Fair (see image above of the items made).

*Citizenship is the sixth pillar of Character Counts, which the school has integrated as part of our learning programme for the students this academic year.

As this is a project to allow our students to understand the meaning of citizenship, during the course of the project, we asked them to go away and find a charity or organisation they would like to support. The results were narrowed down to five different organisations that they selected, from these, all students anonymously voted for their chosen charity. After tallying up the results, the Barncancer Fonden, was selected as it had the highest number of votes from both our students and staff at Skyfall, Fritids.

With the support of our Principal, Simon Varley, and Fritids Coordinator, Helen Lindman, the team at Skyfall will donate all the funds raised at their stall to Barncancer Fonden instead of investing the funds back to the school.

So please ensure to make a visit to their stall to see what how hard they have worked for a particularly special cause. Whilst, you are there, you will have the opportunity to swish any other donation you like, directly to Barncancer Fonden, other than the cost of the items purchased at the stall.

If you would like to read more about the charity they will be supporting, please click here.