Spetsutbildning: Advanced Studies in Business English and Entrepreneurship, Intake for August 2015

From the Principal

We are one of the lucky few schools in Sweden that have been approved to run an Advanced Studies programme. Ours focuses on Business English and Entrepreneurship and you can read more about it here. This was our fourth year of doing the SPETS intake and the whole process went very smoothly. This year we had thirty-four applications of which two were from other schools.

On January 15th we had the main entrance exam and our nervous but motivated students did their best to show their knowledge. I must say I was very impressed by how hard they worked and the courage and dedication they showed in applying. 

Depending on how many accept their final places we will have around 24 students in the next SPETS programme starting August 2015. The average English grade of those being accepted was just over a B. Congratulations to everyone who got accepted! For everyone that didn’t get accepted - you have shown you true colours in your attempt: fortune favours the brave.

/Mr Varley