Spetsutbildning applications

From the Principal
Spetsutbildning applications

Time flies quickly and the busier you are the faster it seems to fly! It feels like only a few days ago we wrote the original application to Skolverket to be approved to run one of the country's 'spetsutbildningar'. Well, a whole year has gone by now since then and we are already doing our second intake for our Advanced Studies class in Business English. This year we received 35 applications ?" 14 more than last year which is the positive trend we expected.


In the application with Skolverket our agreed goal is to have a class size of maximum 28 students, provided they reach the standard required to form a so-called "spets" class. That means some students, despite working very hard and being very good at English will not be able to get in to this class. This can be a difficult process to go through for a student, but it is also one of life's important lessons. Sometimes you work hard and try your best but you still don't win or get the result that you hoped for. That doesn't mean that you should give up. Keep trying and next time might be your time.

When I think about how many applications we get for every position we advertise on the Swedish job webpage Platsbanken, I realise the chances of being the one who actually gets the job are very slim. It is a tough competitive world out there and it will not get any easier in the future with competition from the international workforce increasingly being a factor to consider... even more reason to get the best education possible?