Spring Fair Week 24 Primary School #81


It's that time of the year again, yes, it's time for our annual Spring Fair! This year, as explained in previous blog for Spring Fair reminder, we are doing things a little bit differently! This year, to ensure everyone gets maximum time to enjoy and participate in Spring Fair we are starting it earlier than we have in previous years! We also have many more new and exciting stalls and activities from Primary, Junior, Senior and Fritids!

Please see below some of the fun and exciting activities being carried out by our Primary School for Spring Fair:

- Cowboy Horseshoes

- Coconutty

- The Goldfish Bowl

- Save the ducks!

- Frisbee golf

- Popcorn deli

These are only a few of them so make sure to come and visit our Primary School stalls to ensure you don't miss out on anything!