Summer Sun! #52

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After the long and cold winter months, Spring has finally arrived with blossoming trees and flowers! Our students are making the most of the beautiful summer sun and enjoying being outdoors during their break times and in Fritids!

We want them to have fun but also be safe at all times. Therefore, please can you help us to keep your children safe by wearing appropriately clothing, footwear and sun cream to prevent any sun burning or scars from playing outdoors!

Fritids, are especially making the most of the summer sun and having games and activities held outdoors as much as possible! Therefore, when you come to pick up your child from Fritids please ensure to keep an eye out on the playground to see if you can spot your child outside before going inside the school to find them! All units, will however, leave a note outside the unit of their whereabouts to ensure you can find your child as as easily and conveniently as possible.