Tom Bennett visits IES Jönköping #17

Tom Bennett visits IES Jönköping #17

As part of our staff training and professional development program for this academic year, Simon Varley arranged an Inservice Day for the team to have a training day with Tom Bennett.

Tom Bennett is the founder of Research Ed and is the author of a number of books about life as a teacher and working with behaviour management.
The title to some of the books are; Teacher Proof,​ ​Not Quite a Teacher​,Teacher: Mastering the Art and Craft​ ​Behaviour Guru.

The day was filled with a number of group activities, presentations, plenary and Q&As to ensure the staff were able to get the most insightful training with Tom Bennett. Some of the topics of discussion for the day included but were certainly not limited to: Running a School: behaviour for leaders, Creating a Culture: behaviour lessons from the best schools & Creating a culture where all flourish.

The day ended with cheese and wine at the school for all staff to have the opportunity to mingle and share their thoughts, opinions and learnings from the day.

Please see below example from Tom Bennett of the common features required to help ensure a successful culture is created by all staff for both students and staff: