Tomorrow's business leaders visit IES head office.

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Tomorrow's business leaders visit IES head office.

Future entrepreneurs from Jönköping swapped the classroom for the board room when they spent a day at IES head office.


HR Manager Melanie Prinsloo addresses the class.

The spestsutbilning class, from Internationella Engelska Skolan Jönköping, is studying the advanced studies program - Business English and Entrepreneurship.  In total 23 students made the journey to Stockholm to meet managers at the company's headquarters.

The visit saw the group meet with staff including the CEO, Mr Riber, and CFO, Mr Åkerman.

Clara Agnehus (R) who wants to be a company lawyer meets IES School Lawyer Eva Andersson (L)

Clara Agnehus, from class 7B, said: “We have learnt about the different people in the company, the different stuff they like about their jobs, and what their favourite thing is and how they help each other to build up a company. It can’t just be one person it needs a lot of people who can help each other out.  I didn’t know how much they were depending on each other and how the different people worked.

"I am thinking about becoming a company lawyer when I am older and that is why I chose the Spets programme, first when they started talking about it, I thought ‘oh, it would be fun but I would never get in', but I thought why not try, but I tried and I got in, which helped me to get more confidence to talk more in English class and Spets class."

Over the course of the day the students spent time with seven head office staff. Each session saw them receive a short presentation before being given the chance to ask questions.

Simeon Salo, from class 7C, said: “I am taking part in the Spets programme so I will find it easier to have a business job when I am older, I will know more about it than others do.  We learn new stuff that we didn't know about before, and it’s important when you get older and you want a good job.

During the visit I learnt a lot about business English and different jobs in business and what they do.  This trip gave us a lot more information, because we learnt more from the people who work in the area. We met a real CFO and CEO, it is good to meet people who work high up in business."

IES Jönköping's spetsutbildning coordinator Rebecca Johansson, said: “I'm very satisfied with the co-operation with head office as part of the Spets program and also that I'm very pleased with the educational value that our visit results in."

Simeon and Clara at the entrance to head office.