Welcome to May Newsletter #60

From the Principal

Greetings parents,

Welcome to the May newsletter, the last newsletter for this academic school year!

We focus on the last weeks of term and briefly cover some important law updates.

Week 23 - Student Choice Week

This week has a different starting and finishing times for students in years 4-9. These times may vary depending on the activities your child has chosen. The mentor teachers will inform all students of the times and rooms for their choices and these will also be on the Student Start Site, which all students can access even from home. Please check with your child what their schedule looks like for that week.

Week 24 - Last Week of Term

This week’s schedule varies from year group to year group. Please see each year group’s summary PDF (in the email sent out to all Parents & Guardians last week).

Year 9 Graduation Ceremony - Thursday Evening 14th June.

You are formally invited to celebrate your child’s hard work at our Year 9 Graduation ceremony! Grandparents, brothers and sisters are also welcome. This ceremony will be on Thursday evening at Folkets Park. See attached invite for all the information you need. Be extra aware that parking may be difficult so plan your journey to allow time for walking to Folkets Park. Note that the Year 9 PROM is on Wednesday 13th June evening, not Thursday.

Year 6 Graduation Ceremony - Friday Morning 15th June

We do not formally invite parents to the year 1-8 ceremonies due to space reasons. However, parents of students graduating year 6 are welcome to join the Junior School this year. It will be at Folkets Park, Friday starting at 9:15 (parents who want to join should arrive at 9:00).

Spring Fair

It’s a new Spring fair with more activities and free dinner for all students and parents! All year groups join in this year and there is a schedule of start times to space the students out. We start the spring fair by taking attendance in the mentor classroom and handing out the game card. There are small competitions for individuals and the best class in each year group win bigger prizes! The students will receive more information about that from the mentors and via the school TVs.


Please refer to the detailed newsletter emailed last week for full information on how our school is adhering to the new laws and regulations regarding GDPR.

Next Autumn

Next year’s calendar will be sent out with the general June parent letter.

The first day of  regular school will be Monday 20th.

Best regards

Simon Varley