Year 9 PRAO Week #26

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Our Year 9 students made 5 choices from (this is a web based system that helps to better manage internships). The website exhibits all the possible institutes, stores, offices and other places of work where students can register themselves for their PRAO.

Some of the choices for Year 9 this year included but were not limited too:

- restaurants

- hospital


- supermarkets

- working with animals

- pharmacies

- IT sector

They were also given the choice to find a place of work themselves, which some students preferred to do.

With the help and support of our Administration team, students were then matched to a place of work that best suited their interest. After this, all students were given their relevant documentations to help them be well prepared and organised in time for their PRAO week in Week 46.

Well, how did PRAO week go for our Year 9 students this year?

From the comments and feedback we were given from our students, most of them had fun, enjoyed themselves, came back happy and felt it was a good experience overall. Some students felt more grown up as they saw that they could achieve so much more than they had perceived for themselves. Most students felt it was a great way to experience what it is really like in the world of work.

Even more exciting and good news was the positive feedback they received from their places of work. We, at the school were given some very good results and feedback on how our students performed during their PRAO week! 

So this is super well done to our Year 9 students for their hardwork and great achievement during their PRAO week, keep up the good work!