Year 9 Scheeledagen 2018 #25

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Scheeledagen is an annual exhibition day that recurs every year in November at Erik Dahlbergsgymnasiet (ED) for Year 9 students across the municipality.

This year's Scheel Day took place on Wednesday 29 November, 2018. We had 9 students who were selected by our Science Department to participate in the exhibition and represent IES Jönköping:

9A: Jonatan, Elias, Leija

9B: Amanda, Linnette

9C: Khushi, Alexander

9D: Maggie, Ryan

During Scheeledagen all students that participated were divided into smaller groups. The day was revolved around the science of natural science. All students were given the opportunity to complete laboratory work, participate in competitions and experience ED at a close proximity.

Students at ED from Year 2 and 3 were the hosts for the day for all Year 9 students who participated. There were at least two hosts per group responsible for exhibiting the following program to their group of Year 9 students:

- Information about the NA and TE programs

- Laboratory

- Games

- Chemistry show

All Year 9 students also received information about the Natural Science Program and the Technology Program to help them make their important choice about which Gymnasium to apply for in the year ahead for further education.

To end the day on a high, one of our teams won the 'most spirited' award! So, students from IES Jönköping not only had a great day at ED as they got first hand experience of how it will be for them when they start Gymnasium but they also came back as champions!