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Today was the day to say a massive thank you to the wonderful team Simon has built here at IESJ!

From teaching staff, kitchen team, Fritids team, cleaning team to the Administration team, Simon wanted to say a big thank you to everyone for making this year not only a successful year but a wonderful and enjoyable one!

It was the year with several new changes, some were more easy to adapt too than others but they were all for the betterment of the school, staff and our students and our future together at IESJ!

We would also like we use this moment to say thank you and farewell to those members of staff who are continuing their future elsewhere and wish them the very best of luck with their future ventures!

Finally, last but not least we would ALL like to say a massive THANK YOU to Simon for everything he does for us all, both staff and students and for IESJ as a whole! We would not be here, if it wasn't for him! Thank you Simon for always taking the time out for us whenever we needed you, for working countless hours to ensure everything runs smoothly but still making it a fun and enjoyable year!

Fritids at Apladalen, Värnamo #96

Fritids at Apladalen, Värnamo #96

All Fritids units went to Apladalen, Värnamo for the end of school Fritids trip before most of our Fritids students also finished for the summer break!

They had so much fun learning about the natural history park, Apladalen.

They started the day with a fun filled bus journey with story telling, singing and laughter to Värnamo, once they reached there, they stopped for fika and leg stretching. Shortly after, followed the walk through the historical park, soaking in the beauty of nature and learning what history rests in the park. Soon reaching a play area where the staff and students stopped to have lunch and enjoy play time!

This led nicely into the afternoon, which was filled with an adventurous walk through the forest, finding and answering questions in groups of three or four left by Andy Sneath (Fritids staff member who organised the trip)! At the end of the walk, there was a healthy yet tasty mellanmål waiting for the staff and students to enjoy in the sunshine! Here, Andy Sneath announced the winners of the Q&As quiz they had during their walk in the forest!

Finally, the day ended nicely with a relaxing bus ride back to school with sun shining and lots of smiles!

Midsomer Fritids Party 2018 #95

Midsomer Fritids Party 2018 #95

It is that time of the year again in our calenders when school has finished and nature has burst into life.

Off course it seems like the sun never sets with the endless ray of sunshine we have been blessed with this summer so far!

As we all know it is this time of the year, when in fact, in the north of Sweden the sun doesn’t set, and in the south it only hides for an hour or two! So why not celebrate the longest day of the year with friends and family gathering together for one of the most typically Swedish traditions of all: Midsummer! Happening this year on Friday 22nd June!

Just before we all get busy with preparing for our Midsummer celebrations we thought that our Fritids units should take advantage of being at school and have our very own Midsummer celebration with Fritids staff and students on Thursday 21st June!

(As both school and Fritids will be closed on Friday 22nd June for Midsummer).

So look out for photos of the Midsummer Fritids Party happening on Thursday 21st June with flowers, dancing, singing, lunch and strawberry cake off course! wink

PROM 2018 #94

PROM 2018 #94

Prom night preparations were ongoing for several weeks but before we knew it, PROM Night came and went! 

What a magical night it was! Come take a closer look at some of the photos capturing the Oscar themed party for our former Year 9 students Prom Night!

Please Note: We haven't posted any photos of our Year 9 students at their prom night as they will be leaving the school and so we want to keep their photos private and exclusive to them.

End of Year Ceremonies & Graduations, 2018 #93

End of Year Ceremonies & Graduations, 2018 #93

Week 24 was full on with end of year ceremonies for Primary School, Junior School and Years 7 & 8 as well as our first Graduation Ceremony for Year 6 where parents and guardians were welcome and off course a farewell Graduation Ceremony to our former Year 9 students!

They were fun, joyous, energised and off course some were even tearful but with tears of joy and happiness and excitement and fear of what the year ahead would bring for all our students but especially for our Year 9 students who were going to make another milestone in their journey of life.

We would like to use this opportunity to say thank you to all those parents and guardians who could join us on the day of their child's celebrations to help make it even more special and memorable! We hope you also had a great day making memories.

We would like to say a huge thank you to the staff and students who helped make all the ceremonies seamless and memorable!

We wish all our students a wonderful summer and look forward to seeing them in the new academic year.