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Eid Mubarak #92

Eid Mubarak #92

IESJ would like to wish a very happy and joyful Eid Mubarak to all our Muslim staff and students and their parents and guardians!

We hope you had a wonderful celebration!

End of Year Ceremonies at IESJ 2018 #91

So, it's the end of another fantastic school year!

However, we cannot end the year without a bang or even more importantly, without rewarding and acknowledging our students hard work and thus merit where deserved!

As the previous blogs have highlighted the key dates and times for Year 9 and Year 6 graduation ceremonies, where parents and guardians are also welcome to capture the moment, we would like to remind you of all the other year group ceremonies being held during Week 24.  

Unfortunately, due to space reasons, the school cannot invite parents and guardians to join us on these equally special ceremonies for the other year groups. However, we would like to remind you so that you can help us ensure, your child does not miss out on the event!

- Primary School End of Year Ceremony will be held at Folkets Park (morning)

- Junior School (only Year 4 & 5) End of Year Ceremony will be held at Folkets Park (morning)

- Year 7 & 8 End of Year Ceremony will be held at the school (morning)

Year 6 Graduation Ceremony 2018 #90

We would like to remind all parents and guardians for our Year 6 students that they will have a graduation ceremony on Friday Morning 15th June, starting 09:15.

As previously mentioned in the May newsletter, we do not formally invite parents to the year 1-8 ceremonies due to space reasons. However, as we are making an expection this year, we would like to formally invite parents of students graduating from Year 6 to join the Junior School graduation ceremony this year.

The ceremony will be held at Folkets Park on Friday starting at 9:15 (parents who want to join should arrive at 09:00).

Year 9 Graduation Ceremony 2018 #89

We would like to remind all parents and guardians for our Year 9 students that this evening (Thursday 14th June) is our Year 9 students graduation ceremony. As mentioned in previous blog (#62), this year, we are doing things a little be differently by holding the ceremony in the evening at Folkets Park.

Please remember, that both grandparents and siblings are also most welcome to join us this evening to mark and share the special occasion with our Year 9 students and their parents and guardians.

As a reminder, please refer to the attachment sent as part of the May newsletter for all the information you need.

PLEASE NOTE: Be extra aware that parking may be difficult so plan your journey to allow time for walking to Folkets Park.

PROM 2018! #88

What a beautiful evening it was for our former Year 9 students Prom night on Wednesday 13th June!

Starting off with photos and welcome drinks with the option to play poker for some friendly entertainment! Followed by, dinner served by our wonderful staff and so the night continued with food, drinks, entertainment and music!

No Prom is complete without a Prom King and Queen announcement, speeches and awards rewarded!

To end the night, off course, lots of dancing and partying and saving the last dance till as close to midnight as possible!

Watch this space to get a glimpse of how wonderfully magical the night turned out!