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Spring Term Student Choice Day 3 #78

Thursday 7th June was our Day 3 of Student Choice week, after taking a break on Wednesday 6th June to celebrate Swedish National Day, we return to school to continue the activities from Student Choice. Here are a few more activities to add to the list that our students have been keeping themselves busy with on their return to school from National Holiday:

- Microscoping

- Make your own design of a relief

- Learn about the Nordic countries-Watch "Geografens testamente-Norden”

- Walk in the woods

- Africa in focus

Swedish National Day Celebrations! #77

Swedish National Day Celebrations! #77

Happy Swedish National Day to all our students, their parents and guardians and our staff and their families!

It is a day to celebrate and be joyous and for us at IESJ it is even more special as it is an excuse to unite all the nationalities we are lucky to have under one roof! Whether its our international staff or our students from various backgrounds, we are all here together and we are all in this together for the long run!

So, regardless of where we are from, today is the day we can celebrate togetherness, here, in Sweden as one big community, especially at IESJ!

Whether it was attending the festivities held in Jönköping Centrum, or going to parks and participating in the activities and celebrations held there as one community or even hosting your own private National Day celebrations at home, we sure hope you all had a wonderful Swedish National Day!

Spring Term Student Choice Day 2 #76

After the great start we had on Monday for Student Choice week, Tuesday 5th June was our second day of the Spring term Student Choice Week! As promised, here are a few more activities to add to the list that our students have been keeping themselves busy with:

- Calligraphy & poems

- Stop motion animation

- Music Production Techniques

- Awesome Author Exploration

- Harry Potter Science

So make sure to ask your child which activities they signed up for and which is their favourite so far!

Spring Term Student Choice #75

Week 23 is filled with exciting Student Choice activities as the school year comes to an end.

Monday 4th June was the kick off for our Spring term Student Choice for both Senior school and Junior school; some of the exciting and stimulating activities included:

- Film club

- Watercolor and paper marbling

- Outdoor Artist

- DIY: Gympapåse/Tygkasse

- Reading Club

That's not all, for sure! ;)

There were several other activities to keep our students occupied during student choice on Monday and throughout the week, however watch this space through the course of the week to find out which other activities were on the list for our students to choose from....!


Football Tournament Finale #74

So the finale of our Football Tournament happened on Thursday 31st June!

The winning team was TEAM C!! 

Super well done to TEAM C as the competition was very tough and challenging over the three days! 

We also want to say thank you and well done to all the participants who made the effort to form a team, keep to their teams, work well together as a team player and play to the rules!

Please watch this space for some photos of the final games to see our footballers in action!