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Transition Day #73

Today on Friday 1st June it was our school's annual Transition Day for Year 4 and Year 7!

What a wonderful day and turn out we had and off course so much fun!

We offered a warm welcome to our new students joining IES Jönköping in the new school year in August 2018 and off course welcomed our existing Year 3 students who are going onto our Junior School in Year 4 and Year 6 students who move onto our Senior School!

They had the opportunity to meet their future mentors, class fellows, a tour of the school, enjoy special activities held by the Fritids team in the beautiful weather outside on the school yard and have an all-round enjoyable experience and feel of what the year ahead will bring for them.

So we would like to give a very warm welcome to all our students and use this opportunity to wish them good luck for the year ahead!

Football Tournament Day 2 #72

Day 2 of the Football Tournament went better than expected!

With a great audience, snacks to enjoy, beautiful weather and parents and teachers supporting our football players, we couldn't ask for a better atmosphere!

The champions of champions will be decided today as we reach the semi-finals now! The teams will play each other to get a place in the finale taking place as the final game of the day and tournament today!

So watch this space to find out which team takes home the trophy!


Year 6 Artwork #71

Year 6 Artwork #71

Take a look at the creative artwork our Year 6 students have been busy making in their Art lessons...

Black and white, wonderfully mysterious masks!

Football Tournament Kick Off #70

What an amazing start did the football tournament get off too on Tuesday 30th May from 15:15 - 16:20!?!

There was some very difficult and tough competition amongst the teams that were scheduled to play yesterday!

With an amazing crowd to cheer them on, speakers playing off some great tracks and Mr Sonko doing a splendid job as the commentator, finally, not to forget to mention Mr Robotti keeping things calm, safe and fun on the football pitch!

So, lets see what day 2 has in plan for the teams scheduled to play this space for latest updates on the football tournament!