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Football Tournament Kick Off #70

What an amazing start did the football tournament get off too on Tuesday 30th May from 15:15 - 16:20!?!

There was some very difficult and tough competition amongst the teams that were scheduled to play yesterday!

With an amazing crowd to cheer them on, speakers playing off some great tracks and Mr Sonko doing a splendid job as the commentator, finally, not to forget to mention Mr Robotti keeping things calm, safe and fun on the football pitch!

So, lets see what day 2 has in plan for the teams scheduled to play this space for latest updates on the football tournament!

Football Tournament #69

Tuesday 29th May is the start of our school's first Football Tournament for the years to come!

There will be 12 teams with 8 persons each, total number of students across Junior School are as shown below:

96 participants

34 from year 4

36 from year 5

27 from year 6

24 girls

What a brilliant turn out! The tournament will be across three consecutive days from Tuesday 29th until Thursday 31st, with a series of short games between the preplanned teams to see who will climb the ladder to the finale!

Both staff and students are most welcome to come and cheer the teams on and show support to their desired team!

So, let the games begin! Best of luck to all the participants!

Rainbow Fritids at Oset Beach #68

Rainbow Fritids at Oset Beach #68

Rainbow Fritids unit for Year 1 spent a lovely at Oset beach during the study days in Week 21!

They had several activities planned for the day to keep them busy!

Playing brännboll, enjoying a delicious and healthy picnic, searching for treasure, making the most of the play area and off course enjoying a walk in the sandy beach! 

Twilight Fritids at Oset Beach #67

Twilight Fritids at Oset Beach #67

Twilight Fritids unit for Year 3 made the most of the beautiful weather and took a walk to Oset Beach, Huskvarna.

Here the students and staff enjoyed an afternoon filled with lots of fun games and activities including playing kubb and exploring nature and studying insects!

Take a closer look at the jar and see if you know which insect they found!

Making Daisy Chains #66

Making Daisy Chains #66

As we are blessed with endless sunshine and beautiful weather our Year 1 students have kept themselves rather busy making beautiful and delicate daisy chains!

Come and take a closer look at how intricate and wonderful the results are!