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Chess Club Competition #38

Chess Club Competition #38

Who would have thought that the classic and forever popular game of Chess would no longer be played face to face but over the internet!

Virtual games are the future! 

Click here to see the website where it all happens!

That's right, our Year 2 students are currently playing Chess with other students across the country to see who will be the ultimate Chess winner. The best thing is that they can all do it from the comfort of their own seat, at their school, at a time that is convenient for all. No other planning is necessary of who will visit who, at which school and what day or time. This will enable a much more smoother and seamless process to compete.

The school that wins, will get a visit from the Swedish Astronaut, Christer Fuglesang!

So best of luck to our Year 2 students who are competing, we wish them the very best but most importantly, we hope they have fun learning and playing at the same time!

Crazy Hat Day #37

What a fun and exciting day we had on Wednesday 13th March for our annual Crazy Hat Day! As always, our students were very imaginative and creative with their crazy hats.

Wednesday 27th March, Week 13, the ballot box will be out and the photos of all participants will be on display for everyone to vote for their favourite crazy hat! There were participants from Primary, Junior and our Staff. With all the innovative yet crazy designs on display the competition is strong!

So let's see who gets the highest number of votes this year! Fingers crossed for everyone!

Watch this space for details and photos of our winners!


Crazy Hat Day Week 11 #36

Crazy Hat Day Week 11 #36

Wednesday 13th March!

Yeap, it's been a year already since we had our annual Crazy Hat Day! Can you believe that time of the year has come back already, where we all get our creative heads on, to make the most craziest and dare we say, wackiest hat!

On Wednesday 13th March between 10:50 - 12:30, come along to the glass corridor. Here you will witness some wonderful, crazy, silly and amusing innovations our staff and students make at IES Jönköping to take part in some friendly competition!

As always, we promise to capture the moment in a photo booth and share it on our website for everyone to see!

Make sure to watch this space for more exciting photos of what the participants invent and who wins a prize for their original, yet imaginative design!

Year 9 Science Project #35

Year 9 Science Project #35

Take a look at what our Year 9 Science class have been busy experimenting with...building catapults

Their most recent project has entailed them to not only design and build but most excitingly, test their very own catapult!

What is a catapult?

A catapult is a ballistic device to help launch a projectile at a long distance. It was particularly used to build various types of ancient and medieval siege engines.

Take a look at the photos below to see how the project was conducted and tested:

Welcome 2019! #34

Welcome 2019! #34

Warm welcome back to our staff and students to the start of 2019 and the start of the second term of the school year!

We hope everyone had a great holiday and have enjoyed their first week back at school, meeting their friends, teachers and colleagues.

Let's hope this will be another great school term for us all, with lots of learning, hard work, determination to succeed and making sure we have fun and laughter along the way too!

Here’s to making memories for the future ahead!