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Welcome 2019! #34

Welcome 2019! #34

Warm welcome back to our staff and students to the start of 2019 and the start of the second term of the school year!

We hope everyone had a great holiday and have enjoyed their first week back at school, meeting their friends, teachers and colleagues.

Let's hope this will be another great school term for us all, with lots of learning, hard work, determination to succeed and making sure we have fun and laughter along the way too!

Here’s to making memories for the future ahead!



Student Choice Ends #33

One can really feel the excitement and enthusiasm in the school at the moment as we not only end the Student Choice for the Autumn/ Winter break but we also get closer to our Christmas Holidays!

Our students have had yet another fantastic Student Choice this year with lots of successful and fun learning activities for them to enjoy and participate in.

We look forward to seeing what is in store for our next year's Student Choice activities as it is fair to say it keeps getting better each year!

Annual Reading Day #32

Annual Reading Day #32

We had yet another successful Reading Day on Thursday 13th December for our Junior and Senior School, straight after our Lucia ceremony.

The day was filled with exciting activities, games, craft and competitions all related to reading, for example:

- Kahoot

- Jeopardy

- Poetry

- Bookmark & Book Cover Design

- Reading to Primary students

Off course there was time for each Year Group to enjoy some peaceful and quiet reading time too!

So it is fair to say, everyone had a fun and exciting day and no one was shy to bring out the book worm in them! 

From the Principal

Third Parent Newsletter #31

Greetings all guardians,

Thank you for a very positive response to our behaviour development efforts. Most students and parents say it is a good thing and the main points of feedback we have received is that it needs to be clear, predictable and fair to everyone involved. We are working hard to make sure it is that way.

Development Talk Booking


The dates of the talks:

- Monday 21st January 13:00 - 16:00

- Tuesday 22nd January 13:00 - 18:00

- Wednesday 23rd January 13:00 - 16:00

- Thursday 23th January 13:00 - 18:00

You book your talks anytime between now and 6th January, 2019. The system will be closed on January 7th.

You must login to SchoolSoft to book the talks.

You can get a new password by clicking on the link "Need help logging in" under the login fields. Login to SchoolSoft here. If that does not work, contact our reception on or 0736 25 72 48

- Parents of children in year 1-3 will book 30 minute mentor teacher talks.

- Year 4 will book a 20 minute mentor talks and have the possibility of booking a limited number of 10 minute subject teacher talks.

- Year 5 will book a 10 minute mentor talk and additional 10-minute subject teacher talk slots.

- Years 6-9 will usually only book 10 minute subject teacher talks but can book 10 mentor talks as well if needed.

We want to meet all our parents for at least one talk. You can book a longer talk if needed, for example if there will be an interpreter. Students in years 6-9 currently receiving an F in Swedish, Maths, English, Science or Humanities will have subject teacher talks booked in automatically.

A major publishing company, Usborne, will have a mini book fair during the parent evening. You are invited to see what educational books are available for you to support your children with at home. We will also have a display of what books we use in the various subjects, in case this is also of interest to you.

To help you get to know your child’s teachers and our many caring staff - please see our Staff Team Sheet.

Parent Emails and Information Evenings

As we head into the darkest weeks of winter we ask you all to make sure your children are visible - even a small reflex on a jacket or bag can help make n important difference when crossing the road.


Wishing you a wonderful winter break!

Simon Varley


Lucia Celebrations 2018 #30

Lucia Celebrations 2018 #30

On Thursday 13th December was IES Jönköping annual Lucia celebrations.

We all enjoyed a beautiful performance by our former Year 9 students. It was a wonderful experience for everyone, as it was well organised and beautifully orchestrated

We would like to say a massive thank you to our music teacher Mr. Åsman and all his helping hands for making Lucia as mesmerizing and special as it was.