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Crazy Hat Day Winners #43

The winners for our annual Crazy Hat Day, 2019 are as follows:

A massive congratualtions to both of our winners this year with their absolutely amazing and innovative designs!

Take a look for yourselves (below)

Primary School:

Jesper Alijaj from Class 3B

Junior School:

Nadine Bahia from Class 4D 

A super well done and thank you to everyone who particiapted this year! We had some very innovative designs as always!

So let's see what next year has in store for us on our annual Crazy Hat Day!

Waffle Day #42

Waffle Day #42

Monday 25th March, is the annual waffle day so what better way to celebrate it than to make waffles in Fritids! 

Come and see the wonderful day our Primary Fritids staff and students had making waffles, and enjoying eating them outside on a nice sunny afternoon.

Looks and sounds delicious!

Rockar Sockorna #41

Rockar Sockorna #41

Thursday 21st March

Take a look at the wonderful socks our Year 3 Twilight students have been busy designing for today for Rockar Sockorna!

As well as this all of our Primary students will be having a fun afternoon out on a 'tipspromenad' to mark the day.

So, what are you doing for 'Rockar Sockorna.'

Year 8 Technology Project #40

Year 8 Technology Project #40

Our Year 8 Science students had a fun and interesting Technology project during their Science lessons this term.

First, they learnt how to build a bridge on paper and understanding the theories behind it.

Secondly, the fun began when they carried out the experiment of building a bridge using lollipop sticks, glue and a lot of planning, patience and preparation.

Thirdly, they were testing how much weight they can hold and balance across two tables.

Look at the amazing results they had of building some very well balanced and equipped bridges.


From the Principal

English Speaking Society Invites You #39

English Speaking Society Invites You #39


English Speaking Society Welcomes You & Your Family!


As you may be aware we have set up a non-profit organisation called the "English Speaking Society" (ESS). It started in November, 2018 as an official organisation.

We would like this to be a place where people can come and practice both their English and Swedish skills and a great way to make new friends, or contacts for business or social purposes. We hope to contribute in our community by bringing people together and helping them to find new interests, as well as enjoy the company of someone new. We will have various events through the course of the year to attract people throughout Jönköping to join us and have some fun socialising!  

We would like to warmly welcome all parents and families to attend our events! To do so, please can we ask you to follow us on Facebook to keep updated or sign up for future events, and news from ESS.

Thank you!