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Year 9 PRAO Week #26

Our Year 9 students made 5 choices from (this is a web based system that helps to better manage internships). The website exhibits all the possible institutes, stores, offices and other places of work where students can register themselves for their PRAO.

Some of the choices for Year 9 this year included but were not limited too:

- restaurants

- hospital


- supermarkets

- working with animals

- pharmacies

- IT sector

They were also given the choice to find a place of work themselves, which some students preferred to do.

With the help and support of our Administration team, students were then matched to a place of work that best suited their interest. After this, all students were given their relevant documentations to help them be well prepared and organised in time for their PRAO week in Week 46.

Well, how did PRAO week go for our Year 9 students this year?

From the comments and feedback we were given from our students, most of them had fun, enjoyed themselves, came back happy and felt it was a good experience overall. Some students felt more grown up as they saw that they could achieve so much more than they had perceived for themselves. Most students felt it was a great way to experience what it is really like in the world of work.

Even more exciting and good news was the positive feedback they received from their places of work. We, at the school were given some very good results and feedback on how our students performed during their PRAO week! 

So this is super well done to our Year 9 students for their hardwork and great achievement during their PRAO week, keep up the good work!

Year 9 Scheeledagen 2018 #25

Scheeledagen is an annual exhibition day that recurs every year in November at Erik Dahlbergsgymnasiet (ED) for Year 9 students across the municipality.

This year's Scheel Day took place on Wednesday 29 November, 2018. We had 9 students who were selected by our Science Department to participate in the exhibition and represent IES Jönköping:

9A: Jonatan, Elias, Leija

9B: Amanda, Linnette

9C: Khushi, Alexander

9D: Maggie, Ryan

During Scheeledagen all students that participated were divided into smaller groups. The day was revolved around the science of natural science. All students were given the opportunity to complete laboratory work, participate in competitions and experience ED at a close proximity.

Students at ED from Year 2 and 3 were the hosts for the day for all Year 9 students who participated. There were at least two hosts per group responsible for exhibiting the following program to their group of Year 9 students:

- Information about the NA and TE programs

- Laboratory

- Games

- Chemistry show

All Year 9 students also received information about the Natural Science Program and the Technology Program to help them make their important choice about which Gymnasium to apply for in the year ahead for further education.

To end the day on a high, one of our teams won the 'most spirited' award! So, students from IES Jönköping not only had a great day at ED as they got first hand experience of how it will be for them when they start Gymnasium but they also came back as champions!

Year 9 & Aktion Julklappen 2018 #24

Our Year 9 have been involved in a very giving and charitable course this term! They have been involved in a project with Läkarmissionen and Human Bridge to support their campaign called Aktion Julklappen.

The idea behind Aktion Julklappen is to get involved as a community, including schools, businesses and families to collect ‘present boxes’ that are distributed to a number of different schools, orphanages, hospitals and other in-need families in poor parts of Europe.

Aktion Julklappan campaign to date has shared the gift of love with their present boxes to over half a million children across Europe to children less privileged than others.

The task assigned to our Year 9 students as part of our Character Count, Citizenship was as follows:

In teams of 5-6 students per class, they had to collect five Christmas boxes (not limited to 5, could collect more if possible) containing the following items to make up the ‘present boxes’:

Christmas Box List
Pencil sharpener
A notebook
A drawing pad
Box of crayons
Tube of toothpaste
Small box for candy (tablettask)
Reflector (reflex)
Christmas Wrapping Paper
Optional Christmas postcard with a personal greeting in English

Take a look at the tremendous results we had in the image below, showing boxes and boxes full of present boxes our students manage to collect!

From the Principal

Second Term Newsletter #23

Greetings parents and guardians,

Thank you for such a high attendance at September's parent evenings! It was great to meet so many of you there. We are looking into what subjects you would like to hear or read more about. I ask you therefore to fill in this short survey to tell us what areas could be interesting for you.

Student safety and calm learning environment

We have a very good school environment overall, but some areas do need to improve. This is both for the students themselves but also for our staff. The less staff have to deal with unnecessary disturbances the more time and energy they can put into their teaching.

In August I invited the UK government advisor on Behaviour Management, Mr Tom Bennett, to IES Jönköping. He gave me advice and trained our staff for a day and spent a second day with our behaviour staff and Heads of Years. I have read the parent, staff and student feedback on behaviour, as well as the recent 'sociograms' that all students have done in their classes. I have carefully discussed this with the relevant people at the school and made a plan together with them for how we can improve the situation. Among other things, we are now adding a second Behaviour Coordinator, Mrs Jessica Rosén, who will focus on Junior School and in particular the classroom environment.

We will make a fresh start in certain behaviour areas from week 46 (12th November). Here is a link to a video summarising the main areas for parents. I am informing all our students in year 4-9 in assemblies this week - giving them the next two mentor times to discuss this or ask any questions they have. Year 1-3 will be informed by their class teachers as the information needs to be adapted for their age and language level. Senior school student council gave me feedback week 43 and junior school student council will also give me feedback next week.

School Food Developments

We have taken in feedback from parents and students about the school food. We feel confident that the food is a good standard but we also respect that not all students are satisfied with it. The kitchen team has therefore met the school council and listened to their requests and suggestions. Based on their input we have decided to make a number of changes. Please see attached. You as a parent are welcome to come and test the school food for free any day of the week - just come anytime after 12:15 and get a visitor's badge from reception.

English Speaking Society

We are starting a non-profit organisation called the "English Speaking Society" (ESS). This is for people who enjoy speaking English who also want to get to know Jönköping better and meet new people. The original goal of this is to help our international staff to integrate better into Swedish society and meet Swedish and international people from outside the workplace. We hope this will make their stay in Sweden both longer and more enjoyable. The society also wants to help other companies and organisations with international staff and families that need help integrating, making contacts and getting to know Jönköping.

If you or your organisation are interested in helping or participating in this society - lease fill in this interest survey by the November 23rd. We will have our first society planning meeting in December

To help you get to know your child’s teachers and our many caring staff - please see our Staff.

Best regards,

Simon Varley


Fancy Dress Day #22

Fancy Dress Day #22

Come and take a closer look at the weird and wonderful, yet very imaginative, creative and adventurous costumes to say the least of our students, on our annual Fancy Dress Day across, Primary, Junior and Senior School! Our staff also went all out with their innovative designs and costumes this year!

As the day fell so close to Halloween, naturally many of our students dared to dress as a vampire, a witch, a devil, whilst others inspired us all to get creative with makeup art as we captured some of the most creative makeup art we have seen in years! Ironically, on the other hand, we had beautiful princesses, cuddly soft bears, techno wiz, photographer, various cartoon characters, action heroes and the list goes on...!

Come and take a look for yourself...

Primary School

Junior School