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Skolval Results 2018 #18

To demonstrate the reality of elections and the importance of voting during the elections IES Senior School was actively involved this year with participating and casting their vote in Skolval 2018.

The election took place in the morning of Friday 7th September, it was set up to mirror the real government (riksdag) election that took place on Sunday 9th September 2018.

Once the students placed their votes, the results were counted and sent to Skolvalet. We were then able to compare how our students at IES voted compared to students from other schools in Jönköping and Sweden.

Please see below results of our students votes at IES Jönköping:

Please see the results of the students’ votes from across Jönköping and Sweden:


Tom Bennett visits IES Jönköping #17

Tom Bennett visits IES Jönköping #17

As part of our staff training and professional development program for this academic year, Simon Varley arranged an Inservice Day for the team to have a training day with Tom Bennett.

Tom Bennett is the founder of Research Ed and is the author of a number of books about life as a teacher and working with behaviour management.
The title to some of the books are; Teacher Proof,​ ​Not Quite a Teacher​,Teacher: Mastering the Art and Craft​ ​Behaviour Guru.

The day was filled with a number of group activities, presentations, plenary and Q&As to ensure the staff were able to get the most insightful training with Tom Bennett. Some of the topics of discussion for the day included but were certainly not limited to: Running a School: behaviour for leaders, Creating a Culture: behaviour lessons from the best schools & Creating a culture where all flourish.

The day ended with cheese and wine at the school for all staff to have the opportunity to mingle and share their thoughts, opinions and learnings from the day.

Please see below example from Tom Bennett of the common features required to help ensure a successful culture is created by all staff for both students and staff:

Health Week #16

Health Week #16

It's that time of the year again where we consciously make the effort to eat healthier and participate in activities that make us feel more active and healthy!

Week 39 is Health Week so let's bring in the cold chills of the autumn season with some healthy treats to keep us energised!

IES is ensuring there is an even healthier menu than normal this week for breakfast, lunch and mellanmål with more vegetarian options as well as providing lots of apples, bananas and other fruits to all students every morning of Week 39 to help keep them healthy!

So please join us in encouraging our students to always eat healthy and to maintain a healthy lifestyle by encouraging more healthy eating and exercise, especially during Week 39!


Senior School Football Tournament W39 #15

Week 39 is the kick off of the IES football tournament for the Senior School in our newly built football pitches!

The games will happen during the senior students’ lunch break from Monday 24th to Thursday 28th September.

There is a great turnover for the first tournament of the season with a total of 48 students who have signed up for the games, this has resulted in setting up 8 teams with 6 players per team!

The final game will be held on Thursday 28th September between the top two teams, ending the tournament on a high with a celebration ceremony where our Principal, Simon Varley will be rewarding two teams with trophies! First trophy will be rewarded to the best performing team and the other team will be rewarded to the team that exhibits the best team character (Team Spirit Cup)!

So, we would like to wish best of luck to all 8 teams and each individual student participating!

From the Principal

Welcome to new School Year 2018-19 #14

Greetings all parents!

Thank you for a great start to the year and for such high attendance at the parent evenings - we broke the attendance record in every year group!

This year I will send out 6 all-parent emails. One at the start and end of the school year and four more - one for each quarter of the year.

School Developments

The sports fields are now complete and we are just waiting for the 5-a-side goals to arrive from England. I chose a different kind of goal to give the students a different kind of football game - one that emphasises skill, control and teamwork. We have also resoiled, fully re-seeded and fenced a large green area at the back of the school that is specifically for Primary students.

The traffic safety measures are also almost complete - there is now a barrier blocking cars from driving near the Primary entrance. There are barriers that protect children walking from the drop-off corner to the Primary entrance.

We have also written a three year school development plan. This covers all key areas of the school - for example quality of teaching, academics, behaviour, student safety, student care and staff professional development. It tackles the challenges brought up in the spring surveys and those of staff turnover.

Student influence

I have added three part-time staff to work with freetime activities: This provides support to students in years 4-9 with materials, equipment, competitions and practice times covering most of the day when they have breaks. I would like to get student input to lunchtime and freetime activities (years 4-9). Please encourage your children to do this freetime activities survey!

As you heard at the recent parent evenings, I am reviewing some aspects of the school food. We would like to know exactly which meals they like the most/least and to ask them for suggestions of things they would like us to try. We also want to update our list of student ideas for "Friday Favourites". Note that it is still not realistic to do chicken nuggets or pizza for 900 people - so we ask students not to request these items!

Please encourage your children to do this lunch favourites survey!

Parent School Association (PSA) Dates

Here are the dates for this year's parent meetings with the Principal. Note that the first date is different to that on the calendar we gave you in August. This is to avoid having too many parent evenings close together at the start of the term. The Parent School Association work together to help develop the school. The PSA gives feedback on school progress, the systematic quality work and to input on certain new policies, developments and investments before final decisions are made.

W41 October 11th

W48 November 27th

W9   February 27th

More information will be sent out to those parents who signed up to be in the PSA. If you would like to receive those emails and/or attend a meeting, please send an email to

Thank you for reading!

Simon Varley