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Parents Evening 2018-19 #12

Parents Evening 2018-19 #12

We warmly welcome all parents and guardians to this school year's first Parent's Evening from Primary School through to the classes in the Senior School.

Please see below dates for each school year, we kindly ask you to make a note of them in your calendar for your child/children.

We would love to use this opportunity to meet you in person, have something to eat, give out some key news from the school (both from the Principal and the staff) and off course please feel free to use this opportunity to ask any questions:

Week 36

Monday 3rd September YEAR 4

Tuesday 4th September YEAR 5

Thursday 6th September YEAR 1-3

Week 37

Monday 10th September YEAR 6

Tuesday 11th September YEAR 7

Wednesday 12th September YEAR 8

Thursday 13th September YEAR 9

Junior School Activity Day #11

Wednesday 29th August was the Junior School Activity Day! Each year’s classes spent the afternoon together, playing activities, making new friends, enjoying spending time with new friends and off course enjoying a delicious fika!

It was a great day not only for the students to get to know each other better but for the staff to make the most of this opportunity outside of a classroom atmosphere to get to know their students socially and have the chance to mingle with new staff too!

There were lots of planned activities for the classes to keep themselves busy all afternoon! Some classes stayed in the school as it gave them a good chance to explore the school whilst the other classes spent the afternoon outside of the school premises. Luckily, for them, it was a nice, dry afternoon!

All in all, it was a successful, fun filled afternoon for the Junior School!

Ex-Student Leaves J-Södra for the Premier League! #10

Peter Gwargis is an ex-student at IES Jönköping!

He has been playing for J-Södra at Jönköping and now his football career is really kicking off as he has been offered a once in a lifetime chance to go and play for one of England's football teams, Brighton & Hove Albion! 

Peter has only recently left school and pursued his career in football, not knowing where it could lead him! But at such a young age of 17 years old, even he was in disbelief how suddenly and fast his football career has blossomed!

Please click on the below news article from Jnytt to get more detailed information about where football takes our young and talented Peter Gwargis!

Year 5 Mentor Activity Day #9

Please remember that Wednesday 29th August 2018 is Mentor Activity Day for all Year 5!

The mentor classes will go to Oset Beach after lunch and spend the afternoon enjoying fun activities and games amongst other Year 5 peers and staff. Off course, there will be time for a fika too! However, please ensure your child brings a healthy fika and a water bottle, no energy drinks, godis, chips and chocolate. We would like them to bring a sandwich, or a healthy snack such as fruit.

The classes will leave the school premises at 12:00 and will return to school at 15:00, leaving Oset at 14:30. (If you are happy to allow your child to make their own way home from Oset then please let them know).

We hope it will be a nice warm day but nonetheless please ensure your child brings all the appropriate outdoor clothing and footwear, especially a raincoat!


Thank you! #8

Thank you! #8

We want to say a BIG thank you to all staff, parents and students for all their hard work, dedication, patience and support to help us prepare for the new year ahead!

It honestly would have been impossible if the team we have at IES Jönköping did not only work hard but work together as one big team, supporting each other across Primary, Junior & Senior to make sure we have everything prepared for a seamless start to the new year!

We are very grateful for all the support that parents and staff have shown with any changes to schedule or meetings that have taken place due to unforeseen circumstance. Thank you for having the trust and belief in us that we are and will continue to do everything possible to ensure your child receives the best education without making any compromises.