Q: What's your queue policy?

A:  Internationella Engelska Skolan operates a first-come, first-serve queue system, in accordance with Swedish school law (Skolinspektionen, Skolverket & Friskola.se) , with an exception for those who have a sibling already at the school.

Our schools often have long queues, and there are generally more would-be students in the queue than there are places available. Because we accept students in the order that they apply, an early application provides a greater chance of being offered a place if one becomes available.

Begin by filling out your child's Swedish national ID number, in the form YYMMDD-XXXX. If your child doesn't have a valid Swedish ID number, please contact the school directly by email or phone.

Once you have been offered a place at the school, you have the choice to A) accept the offer B) reject the offer but remain in the queue and be moved up to the queue for the next school year.

You are allowed to reject our placement offer three times.  After the 3rd offer and rejection, we will remove your child from our queue in order to make room for students who are waiting to attend.  

That said, you are welcome to join the queue at any point, there is no deadline for you to make your application.

Q: What is the final date for applications? Is it too late to apply?

A:  There is no real 'final date' for student applications and our new schools even receive new applications during the summer holidays. While we always accept new applications regardless of when they come in, however, we will not be able to guarantee that all students will get a place in the school. We work on a first-come, first-served basis (först till kvarn); the sooner you apply, the better your position in the queue.  To apply, click here.