We are one of the IES schools in Sweden to offer Fritids to all Primary and Junior year groups. Fritids is an educational activity institute at IES Jönköping for children from age 6 to 12. It is separated into four units as follows:

Starlight (Z-klass)

Rainbow (Year 1)

Sunshine (Year 2)

Moondust (Year 3)

Skyfall (Year 4-6)

We aim to stimulate our students' development and learning by providing them with meaningful recreational and educational activities in a safe and orderly environment. Fritids has a crucial role in stimulating the students with social education and making them feel a part of a niche community .

Students are welcome to continue their education and participate in meaningful and organized recreation by the educated Fritids staff, whilst allowing parents to stay at work or study.

Fritids offers a vast variety of activities planned weekly by the staff, these include but are not limited too: creative craft, physical indoor and outdoor activites, Character counts activites, digital and technical activities. 

We also offer out of school specially planned activities for the school holidays so students are both stimulated and able to interact within the Jönköping community.

Our opening hours are from 6.00am - 6.00pm, Monday to Friday. The opening hours remain the same during the school holidays.

For more information about applying for Fritids click here.

Alternatively, please contact Fritids Coordinator, Charlotta Partanen for more information: or 0736 - 25 72 18.