Lunch Menu

Please see below weekly lunch menu, Monday to Friday, these are planned weekly by the team to ensure they can offer their best creativity in the food they prepare:






Ask any student at IES Jönköping about the food prepared by our experienced in-house catering team and they will all say the same thing - mouth-watering delicious food! But what goes into our food and how do we go about preparing it? We asked Magnus Karlsson, our Kitchen Manager, to give us an insight into what actually goes into the preparation for the school meals.

What is IES Jönköping Kitchen Team's Focus & Goal?

Our three key focus and goals this year include but are not limited too:

1. Quality and variety

2. Communication & Hospitality

3. Health & Hygiene

What drives our focus and ambition to strive is our mindset, as a team we believe it is imperative to set a mission and a personal goal for ourselves to ensure we offer our utmost best:

"Imagine if we were a restaurant that had to compete for its would we work?"

Where does our food come from?

Our food is supplied by Martin & Servera, they are a well-known and trusted supplier for restaurants and catering firms in Sweden. To ensure the finest and healthiest food is offered to both staff and students we use Swedish meat. Our deliveries arrive three times per week, to ensure we save both parties time and most importantly it is safer and cleaner for the environment. We provide organic milk for the students to drink with breakfast, lunch and snack time.

Do you cater for students with different dietary needs?

Everyday we ensure there is both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options on the menu for the students and staff. We also prepare food separately for those who have food allergies or intolerance. To add more excitement and variation to the menu, every Friday is a continental day! The team prepares dishes from around the world, choosing a different country every week, and preparing a menu that teaches the students a little about the culture and eating habits of the chosen country.  This allows us to demonstrate internationalisation even in our food!

What is the best thing about our school food?

Our food helps to ensure the students eat healthy, offering them a nourished diet which will help them to grow and get through the school day. Our meals encourage good eating habits for life, ensuring we offer a balanced and healthy diet on a daily basis. We offer an extensive and healthy menu for breakfast and snack time for students in fritids, who have exceptionally longer school days to ensure they are able to get through the day. Having the food prepared in-house allows us to ensure the healthiness of the food is never compromised and a little extra love is added to the menu!

Kitchen Staff: (L to R) Magnus Karlsson, James Robinson, Ann-Sofie Rydberg, Isac Levander & Sofie Berglund

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