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Ask any student at IES Jönköping about the school food and they will all say the same thing - delicious! But what goes into our food and how do we go about preparing it? We asked Fatima Abbas, our Kitchen Manager, to give us an insight into how she and her three colleagues go about providing school meals. 

What is IES Jönköping's philosophy on mealtimes?

Our philosophy has three main strands: Firstly, school meals should be nourishing, good quality and tasty, but equally simple and easy to love! Secondly, the kind of food and the atmosphere we create in the food hall should help children go through their school day in the best possible way. Thirdly, everyone who comes into the food hall - adults and children alike - should be treated with the same respect.

Where does our food come from?

We get our food from Severa, a well-known and trusted supplier for restaurants and catering firms. From August 2011 we will buy our fruit and vegetables from Sjöberg. We will also be providing organic milk for the students to drink.

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How much do we spend on our food?

We spend twice the amount of money on our food than other schools.

Do you cater for students with different dietary needs?

Yes, every day we offer a vegetarian dish, as well as a variety of meal options for students who have food allergies or intolerances. These are prepared separately from the other meals.

What is the best thing about our school food?

Our food helps keep our students healthy, helps them grow and develop and keeps them going throughout the school day. Our meals encourage good eating habits for life. We have the best school restaurant in the city. All the food is prepared here on the premises, and with love! What's more, our students can also leave comments and suggestions for us about the meals that they eat here at school. 

IES Jönköping - In School Life - Lunch Fatima

Fatima Abbas, our Kitchen Manager