Student Work

Jönköpings Budding Tech Entrepreneur

The Mathematics Department at IES Jönköping took a decision to introduce an entrepreneurship course at the end of the academic year after the year 9 students had taken their final test. The motivation behind the course was that the students would be able to use their ideas to fix problems that they faced everyday. The course concluded with the submission of a business idea to Science Park, a business development firm, for their ideas competition. This competition presented any entrepreneur in Jönköping with the opportunity to win 11000 SEK to further develop their business idea.

Märit Lundberg, a year 9 student at IES Jönköping, entered the competition with an app idea and initially passed the first round where she won 1000 SEK. She then went on to create some more content articulating her idea and presented it as part of the final round. Märit went on to win the final prize of a further 10 000 SEK. Her winning idea was for a gps/map app targeting EPA's (the slow moving tractor cars that many of our students have started driving). To ensure that drivers are given directions for roads they are actually able to drive on and that they would also be given accurate arrival times based on their restricted speed.

We are extremely proud of Märit and wish her well during the development phase of her mobile app!

The authors of the future goes to IES Jönköping

During October a novel competition took place for students in year 6 within the schools in the municipality. This year's edition of the writing competition offered two real records. 

This year they received 423 submissions, 200 more than the previous record year. The number of schools participating reached 18, and from these 18 schools 10 winners were selected - two of them are students at IES Jönköping. Amazing! A grand congratulation to Pattil Leranian in 6C who won with her text “Borta” and to Elin Bergström in 6B with her text “The wolf”. A huge thank you to all students for their amazing work and for making this such a fun project.

Year 7 Crafts display

Student work, crafts

Our year 7 have worked together to make this crafts project that's on display at the museum. 

Year 7 crafts work