Simon Varley


Greetings and allow me to introduce you to the team! The most important part of any school is the people: without great teachers and staff you cannot build a great school. In the search for the best possible team I spend countless hours each year interviewing teachers from around the world. Naturally, I look for teachers that are certified and knowledgeable in their subjects, but more importantly I look at the people themselves.

To be a successful teacher is a real challenge: you have to understand your subject on a very high level but also be able to simplify it and explain it in several different ways and really make it living and relevant to the students. You need to be firm yet fair with all students, make the lessons enjoyable and purposeful; you need to help every student develop both academically and socially.

I am incredibly proud of the team that I have assembled and we are going to work hard to give you the very best education possible.