Avian Flu?

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Avian Flu?

Main image: Mr Allvin and Mr Stone in their second jobs as Virus Control Officers

It is IES Environment and Health Day this week. The Science department has started a fun activitiy with the students, namely, infecting them all with a killer Avian Flu virus!

The idea of this activity is simple: to get students thinking about health, transmission of diseases and the living conditions of people in other parts of the world where disease and health struggles are a regular part of daily life.

How it works: this Monday morning, some students were handed an envelope telling them they were infected! Yes, they have the virus and in only a few days they would go to the school's "Virus Control Center" find out if they lived or died... They also have a few infection cards that they can hand to other students if they should come into contact with them and happen to pass on their virus...

What will happen? How far will the virus spread? Who will live and die? How must it feel like to live in a country where such risks are a real part of everyday life? What can we do to limit the spread of such diseases? Can science beat nature or will nature evolve new diseases again? The discussion topics and lessons to learn are many!

Personally, I will be avoiding the student lounge for a few days - until the worst of the Avian Flu has passed...

/Mr Varley