Delicious lunch...

Från rektorn
Delicious lunch...

The team here continuously teases me for eating too many cakes and biscuits? there may be a tiny amount of truth in this of course, however Mrs Hulusjö and Mr Grant are definitely worse if you ask me.

Anyway, when I was putting together my lunch plate today I could not help but think how incredibly colourful and healthy it looked! A wide range of fresh salad items and grilled vegetables ?" juicy fresh meatballs and delicious steaming gravy! Wow? I actually asked myself "is this for real?" "Do we get to eat this for free every day?"? I had to take a picture to share it with you so you can see for yourself what it looked like.

Now tell me this: If I eat such a healthy lunch every day, aren't I allowed a little cake or biscuit from time to time??

/Mr Varley