An inspiring journey

Från rektorn

Hello and welcome to my first Principal’s blog entry – strangely enough for an entry in October 2011, it is actually about preparing for August 2012!

Mr Stone and I recently travelled to Edinburgh, Manchester and London on an IES recruitment trip. The goals of the trip were to find great teachers and even school leaders to join all of the 17 IES schools in August 2012. Travelling to our home country is of course a lot of fun and we enjoyed eating more than our fair share of fish and chips! More importantly, however, we really enjoyed meeting so many good teachers. In the four days we  were away, we interviewed around 70 qualified teachers and future school leaders.

The teacher quality was very high and the interviews were inspiring – hearing people’s reasons for choosing teaching, how they motivate students, their ideas about what a great teacher is - all these things fill us with hope about what schools can achieve and what potential there is in people for having a positive impact on others. Something else we discussed was how easy it felt for both Mr Stone and I to talk about our school, IES Jönköping. We forget sometimes how much we have all achieved together in just two years and just how far our students have grown and developed… it only really hits you when you have to explain it to someone else.

In short, we came back from the trip feeling very proud of what we have achieved and of all the staff, students and parents who have helped to build this school since we opened in August 2009.