Welcome to April Newsletter #34

Från rektorn

Reminder: Monday 16th - 18th April are development talks

- To find your bookings, login to schoolsoft and look to the right. All your bookings are there with times, rooms and a green tick.

- Please make sure you ready to start your talk on time as they must end on time for the next family.

-Please go to the main glass corridor after your talk and fill in the parent survey on the available computers there. This gives us valuable information about how we are doing our work. We believe we have improved many things this year and are looking forward to seeing your feedback on how we have developed the school. The results will be shared with all parents in August.

- If you go to the main glass corridor, you can get help from our Admin team installing the SchoolSoft app on your phone and with any other SchoolSoft questions.


School Developments

Every year during spring we plan our development work and investments for the following school year. This school year we have made improvements to the timetable, invested in some outdoor games and equipment, built our astroturf pitch, added various things to the senior student lounge, improved some of staff rooms and worked hard on the school culture by bringing in Character Counts and Growth Mindset. We will continue to develop the way we work with these two culture areas next year.


We have also worked to improve our school food - we know not all students agree with us, but the food we serve now is of much higher quality. It is made with a much higher percentage of ecological ingredients, local produce, there is more in-house catering as well as offering more vegetarian Tuesdays in line with international recommendations. Not all these changes are popular but all the adults in the school agree the food is better. Not convinced? Then please feel free to come in to school on any day of the week after 12:00, register with reception and eat our food for free. Welcome!

Investments next school year

IT: We will spend 750,000kr on IT investments during spring and summer. That means freshening up a lot of computers, adding a bookable cart in Junior school, and investing in a school-wide strategy for teaching programming across the year groups.


Sports fields: two new sports fields at the front of the school will be added for approximately 650,000kr. The sports fields will be where there is currently the bike stands and the sloping area. This will be dug out and flattened completely. One smaller field and one larger one. Students will be asked what types of activities, surfaces and goals they would like there. This is instead of the earlier obstacle course and other climbing equipment which students previously voted against doing.

Safety and security: to improve safety for our youngest students, the rear side of the school will be blocked off for all regular traffic after summer, including school staff. There will be no parking there either. Anyone who enters the area in car or motorbike ill receive a written warning from me and if it happens again I will report it to the police. There will also be a safety fence built alongside the back of school to divide students away from any delivery vehicles. This will help make drop off/collection near the corner feel more safe. Additional lighting will be bought to help with safety and visibility during winter months. This is to improve the safety for all our youngest children when arriving / going home from school.

Other: We will also invest 150,000kr in building improvements such as better ventilation in Senior School Home Economics and new drying cupboards in Primary/Fritids.


Spring Fair - June 11th

- No normal lessons and no school in the morning!

- Fritids open as usual. Non-fritids students in years 1-3 are welcome to join fritids that day from 8:00 until spring fair begins for free.

- Spring fair starts in the afternoon and the day focuses only on spring fair and the activities

- More activities and many new activities being added, especially for older students.

- Bigger prize range, including big prizes for the best classes (the students who collect the most points on the activities)

- Coming to spring fair is now compulsory for all students, all year groups. Spring fair will begin with register in mentor classrooms with mentors. Report absence as usual on the school phone. Non-reported students will be followed up on as if they skipped a regular school day

- We want to see as many parents as possible join us, particularly in years 1-6 where we hope at least one parent per child can join us. Please try to book the late afternoon off work on June 11th. If you can leave work at 13:00 to be able to join your child in the afternoon that would be great!

- To help make this convenient for you there will be a free food buffet for all parents and all students in the evening. Other things can still be bought such as hot dogs, ice cream and popcorn. We ask parents to use Swish wherever possible or bring change (coins and small notes).


April 23rd - no morning mentor time for years 1-7.

- Monday April 23rd no morning mentortime for years 1-7. Year 5 will still come in as planned for their fire training.

- If you still need to leave your children at the regular time that is fine. Fritids is open as normal.

- All other children not in fritids are welcome to watch the children's morning news and eat breakfast for free in the big lunch hall.


Please don't forget to read the full newsletter emailed to all parents and guardians.

Best regards
Simon Varley