Welcome to March Newsletter! #19

Från rektorn
April 23rd - no morning mentor time for years 1-7.
On Monday April 23rd we need to have a slightly longer Monday meeting - we have therefore cancelled the morning mentortime for years 1-7. Please write on your calendars that students do not need to be at school until their first regular lesson.
If you still need to leave your children at the regular time that is fine. Fritids is open as normal. Children not in Fritids are welcome to watch the children's morning news and eat breakfast for free in the big lunch hall (with staff supervision). Students in years 7-9 who travel with younger children are able to enjoy a free breakfast in the senior student lounge. All lessons begin at the normal time.
High Absence Routines
Research shows that attendance is one of the strongest factors affecting of how well a child will succeed both at school and in life later on. High absence can leads to gaps in knowledge, affected grades, decreased confidence, social difficulties and even depression and serious mental illness. We are improving how we follow up on and support students with medium and high absence. Please refer to the detailed school newsletter to find out how we are trying to support our students with their absences.
Spring Fair - June 11th
We are busy making the plans for this year's new and improved Spring Fair! We want to see as many parents as possible join us, particularly in years 1-6 where we hope at least one parent per child can join us. Please try to book the late afternoon off work on June 11th. If you can leave work at 13:00 to be able to join your child in the afternoon that would be great! 
Alumni survey summary 
Every year we invite our Year 9 graduates to come back and visit us for our "Alumni Evening". They fill in a survey in advance to give us feedback on the school, the education they received, our rules, grading and how well-prepared they were for gymnasium. As part of the evening's activities, we also do a follow up interview with them to find out more about how we can improve the school for our students. Please see detailed newsletter emailed in Week 12 to find a summary of the results.
School Photos
Our fantastic photographer, Kathryn Nilsson, continues to document the daily lives of our students. Please follow us on Instagram where Katie is displaying regular updates of our students' activities or take a look at the school blog pages on the website to capture more detailed information of the activities and events happening throughout the school.
Please don't forget to read the full newsletter emailed to all parents and guardians.
Best regards
Simon Varley