Yearbook letter from the Principal 2018 #98

Från rektorn

To the Graduating Class of 2018


Congratulations! You made it!

Here are a few last bits of advice, incase you miss listening to my short speeches when you get to gymnasium...

In life, you will have good days and bad days. Even some truly awful ones.

The total number of good and bad days we all have doesn’t actually vary that much between people. What varies is our attitude towards them. Your attitude makes the difference - it can change normal days to bad ones or bad ones to acceptable ones. The lens through which you see the world IS the world.

Change your lens → change the world.

Attitude is everything. It doesn’t matter if you believe you can or believe you can’t - either way, you are right. If people can beat cancer, cycle across the US fixing punctured tyres without actually having any hands or arms, swim from Britain to France without legs then you sure as heck can sort that homework out, get that project done on time, save up for that car, talk to that person you feel all gooey about or run further than ever before. Hey, one day, you’ll have two sick kids at home and a full time job that you will have to go to despite not having had more than 42 minutes of continuous sleep at any point in the whole week. One day you might have to go through mind-bending things like burying someone you love or getting fired from a job. It happens. So when you think you’re struggling through tough times at gymnasium - remember, there’s a billion people going through something tougher than you at the very same point in time, you just don’t know about it.

So when life gets tough, and you think you’re at the end of your rope… tie a knot in it and hang on. You are capable of more than you know. If you are truly committed to doing something you will find a way. If not you will find excuses.

I would like to end this letter by saying “good luck” - but I stopped believing in luck a long time ago when I heard something infinitely more useful:

“Luck” is where opportunity and preparation meet.

/Mr Varley