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Innovation Camp 2017

IES Jönköping - Innovation Camp - 8A

On March 2nd 2017, IES Jönköping from Year 8 participated in the in the finals of "Innovation Camp", a competition organized by Småland Turism and Ung Företagsamhet.  Students were asked to solve a problem in a realistic and inspiring way.  Groups were asked to budget and plan a fictional 4 day journey to Småland by a school class from Berlin.  To succeed in the task, students were required to demonstrate both creativity and entrepreneurial skills.

A total of three of our classes made it to the final stage at the Elmia convention center.  On stage, infront of a jury and an audience, they presented their solutions to the problem.  All of our groups had great ideas but one stood out as the winner.  With good local knowledge of the area and a well structured environmental plan, our 8A class won the prize!  In adition to the honor and a diploma, our 8A class went home with a checque for 5000 SEK!  Congratulations to all students who did a wonderful job representing IES in the competition.  An extra congratulations to 8A for a well well executed victory!

  IES Jönköping - Innovation Camp - 8C   IES Jönköping - Innovation Camp - 8D

IES Jönköping - Innovation Camp - The winners 8A