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From the Principal

F-class starting 2021/2022!

We are happy to confirm that IES Jönköping is expanding to offer F-class (förskoleklass) starting academic year 2021/2022!

We will have 3 classes and each class will have 20 students.  There are currently just over 300 students in our queue born in 2015 that are eligible for an offer. 
We have begun the intake process and have sent the first 60 offers.  As always, we apply sibling priority and use the date of application as our criteria for who gets the first offers.

To place your child in our queue today, click here.  

Vi är så glada över att bekräfta att IES Jönköping utökar skolan med en F-klass (förskoleklass) med start nästa läsår, 2021/2022!

Vi kommer ha 3 klasser med 20 elever i varje klass. Just nu har vi strax över 300 barn i elevkön som är födda 2015 och därmed berättigade till ett erbjudande om placering. 
Vi har påbörjat antagningsprocessen och skickat ut erbjudande om plats till de första 60 barnen i elevkön. Som alltid, används syskonförtur samt inskrivningsdatum som kriterier för vilka som får de första platserbjudanden. 

Vill du skriva in ditt barn i vår elevkö, klicka här.

From the Principal

Staff, Parent and Student Survey Results 2018 - 2019 #46

We would like to share our survey results from Staff, Parents and Students for this academic year.

The staff results are based on our January Staff Job Satisfaction Survey, 2019.

The parent and student results are based on our Systematic Quality Work HQ Report 2018-2019 Executive Summary.

*please note these are a selection of results that we have depicted as the most relevant from the choice of questions asked

From the Principal

Open House, May 2019 #45

Dear guardians of future students,

We would like to warmly welcome you to our Open House, Saturday 11th May, 2019.

It will be a public Open House for students between Years 3-8 (both Junior School and Senior School).

It will be between 10:00 - 14:00.

We will send out more information via post in Week 17 to families with children in the Year Groups 3-8 around the Jönköping Municipality.

Please watch this space for more information.

We look forward to meeting you then.

Kind regards

Internationella Engelska Skolan, Jönköping

From the Principal

English Speaking Society Invites You #39

English Speaking Society Invites You #39


English Speaking Society Welcomes You & Your Family!


As you may be aware we have set up a non-profit organisation called the "English Speaking Society" (ESS). It started in November, 2018 as an official organisation.

We would like this to be a place where people can come and practice both their English and Swedish skills and a great way to make new friends, or contacts for business or social purposes. We hope to contribute in our community by bringing people together and helping them to find new interests, as well as enjoy the company of someone new. We will have various events through the course of the year to attract people throughout Jönköping to join us and have some fun socialising!  

We would like to warmly welcome all parents and families to attend our events! To do so, please can we ask you to follow us on Facebook to keep updated or sign up for future events, and news from ESS.

Thank you!

From the Principal

Third Parent Newsletter #31

Greetings all guardians,

Thank you for a very positive response to our behaviour development efforts. Most students and parents say it is a good thing and the main points of feedback we have received is that it needs to be clear, predictable and fair to everyone involved. We are working hard to make sure it is that way.

Development Talk Booking


The dates of the talks:

- Monday 21st January 13:00 - 16:00

- Tuesday 22nd January 13:00 - 18:00

- Wednesday 23rd January 13:00 - 16:00

- Thursday 23th January 13:00 - 18:00

You book your talks anytime between now and 6th January, 2019. The system will be closed on January 7th.

You must login to SchoolSoft to book the talks.

You can get a new password by clicking on the link "Need help logging in" under the login fields. Login to SchoolSoft here. If that does not work, contact our reception on reception.jonkoping@engelska.se or 0736 25 72 48

- Parents of children in year 1-3 will book 30 minute mentor teacher talks.

- Year 4 will book a 20 minute mentor talks and have the possibility of booking a limited number of 10 minute subject teacher talks.

- Year 5 will book a 10 minute mentor talk and additional 10-minute subject teacher talk slots.

- Years 6-9 will usually only book 10 minute subject teacher talks but can book 10 mentor talks as well if needed.

We want to meet all our parents for at least one talk. You can book a longer talk if needed, for example if there will be an interpreter. Students in years 6-9 currently receiving an F in Swedish, Maths, English, Science or Humanities will have subject teacher talks booked in automatically.

A major publishing company, Usborne, will have a mini book fair during the parent evening. You are invited to see what educational books are available for you to support your children with at home. We will also have a display of what books we use in the various subjects, in case this is also of interest to you.

To help you get to know your child’s teachers and our many caring staff - please see our Staff Team Sheet.

Parent Emails and Information Evenings

As we head into the darkest weeks of winter we ask you all to make sure your children are visible - even a small reflex on a jacket or bag can help make n important difference when crossing the road.


Wishing you a wonderful winter break!

Simon Varley


From the Principal

Second Term Newsletter #23

Greetings parents and guardians,

Thank you for such a high attendance at September's parent evenings! It was great to meet so many of you there. We are looking into what subjects you would like to hear or read more about. I ask you therefore to fill in this short survey to tell us what areas could be interesting for you.

Student safety and calm learning environment

We have a very good school environment overall, but some areas do need to improve. This is both for the students themselves but also for our staff. The less staff have to deal with unnecessary disturbances the more time and energy they can put into their teaching.

In August I invited the UK government advisor on Behaviour Management, Mr Tom Bennett, to IES Jönköping. He gave me advice and trained our staff for a day and spent a second day with our behaviour staff and Heads of Years. I have read the parent, staff and student feedback on behaviour, as well as the recent 'sociograms' that all students have done in their classes. I have carefully discussed this with the relevant people at the school and made a plan together with them for how we can improve the situation. Among other things, we are now adding a second Behaviour Coordinator, Mrs Jessica Rosén, who will focus on Junior School and in particular the classroom environment.

We will make a fresh start in certain behaviour areas from week 46 (12th November). Here is a link to a video summarising the main areas for parents. I am informing all our students in year 4-9 in assemblies this week - giving them the next two mentor times to discuss this or ask any questions they have. Year 1-3 will be informed by their class teachers as the information needs to be adapted for their age and language level. Senior school student council gave me feedback week 43 and junior school student council will also give me feedback next week.

School Food Developments

We have taken in feedback from parents and students about the school food. We feel confident that the food is a good standard but we also respect that not all students are satisfied with it. The kitchen team has therefore met the school council and listened to their requests and suggestions. Based on their input we have decided to make a number of changes. Please see attached. You as a parent are welcome to come and test the school food for free any day of the week - just come anytime after 12:15 and get a visitor's badge from reception.

English Speaking Society

We are starting a non-profit organisation called the "English Speaking Society" (ESS). This is for people who enjoy speaking English who also want to get to know Jönköping better and meet new people. The original goal of this is to help our international staff to integrate better into Swedish society and meet Swedish and international people from outside the workplace. We hope this will make their stay in Sweden both longer and more enjoyable. The society also wants to help other companies and organisations with international staff and families that need help integrating, making contacts and getting to know Jönköping.

If you or your organisation are interested in helping or participating in this society - lease fill in this interest survey by the November 23rd. We will have our first society planning meeting in December

To help you get to know your child’s teachers and our many caring staff - please see our Staff.

Best regards,

Simon Varley


From the Principal

Welcome to new School Year 2018-19 #14

Greetings all parents!

Thank you for a great start to the year and for such high attendance at the parent evenings - we broke the attendance record in every year group!

This year I will send out 6 all-parent emails. One at the start and end of the school year and four more - one for each quarter of the year.

School Developments

The sports fields are now complete and we are just waiting for the 5-a-side goals to arrive from England. I chose a different kind of goal to give the students a different kind of football game - one that emphasises skill, control and teamwork. We have also resoiled, fully re-seeded and fenced a large green area at the back of the school that is specifically for Primary students.

The traffic safety measures are also almost complete - there is now a barrier blocking cars from driving near the Primary entrance. There are barriers that protect children walking from the drop-off corner to the Primary entrance.

We have also written a three year school development plan. This covers all key areas of the school - for example quality of teaching, academics, behaviour, student safety, student care and staff professional development. It tackles the challenges brought up in the spring surveys and those of staff turnover.

Student influence

I have added three part-time staff to work with freetime activities: This provides support to students in years 4-9 with materials, equipment, competitions and practice times covering most of the day when they have breaks. I would like to get student input to lunchtime and freetime activities (years 4-9). Please encourage your children to do this freetime activities survey!

As you heard at the recent parent evenings, I am reviewing some aspects of the school food. We would like to know exactly which meals they like the most/least and to ask them for suggestions of things they would like us to try. We also want to update our list of student ideas for "Friday Favourites". Note that it is still not realistic to do chicken nuggets or pizza for 900 people - so we ask students not to request these items!

Please encourage your children to do this lunch favourites survey!

Parent School Association (PSA) Dates

Here are the dates for this year's parent meetings with the Principal. Note that the first date is different to that on the calendar we gave you in August. This is to avoid having too many parent evenings close together at the start of the term. The Parent School Association work together to help develop the school. The PSA gives feedback on school progress, the systematic quality work and to input on certain new policies, developments and investments before final decisions are made.

W41 October 11th

W48 November 27th

W9   February 27th

More information will be sent out to those parents who signed up to be in the PSA. If you would like to receive those emails and/or attend a meeting, please send an email to helene.holmgren.jonkoping@engelska.se

Thank you for reading!

Simon Varley


From the Principal

Mon 20th Aug Week 34 Mentor Day #2

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Please see below schedule for Monday 20th August, Week 34, to help get a better idea of the start and finish times for Mentor Day:

Week 34 Schedule

Year 1-3 start at 8:00 and finish at 13:00

Year 4 start at 8:00 and finish at 13:30

Year 5 start at 8:10 and finish at 13:40

Year 6 start at 8:20 and finish at 13:50

Year 7 start at 8:20 and finish at 13:50

Year 8 start at 8:30 and finish at 14:00

Year 9 start at 8:40 and finish at 14:10

From the Principal

Yearbook letter from the Principal 2018 #98

To the Graduating Class of 2018


Congratulations! You made it!

Here are a few last bits of advice, incase you miss listening to my short speeches when you get to gymnasium...

In life, you will have good days and bad days. Even some truly awful ones.

The total number of good and bad days we all have doesn’t actually vary that much between people. What varies is our attitude towards them. Your attitude makes the difference - it can change normal days to bad ones or bad ones to acceptable ones. The lens through which you see the world IS the world.

Change your lens → change the world.

Attitude is everything. It doesn’t matter if you believe you can or believe you can’t - either way, you are right. If people can beat cancer, cycle across the US fixing punctured tyres without actually having any hands or arms, swim from Britain to France without legs then you sure as heck can sort that homework out, get that project done on time, save up for that car, talk to that person you feel all gooey about or run further than ever before. Hey, one day, you’ll have two sick kids at home and a full time job that you will have to go to despite not having had more than 42 minutes of continuous sleep at any point in the whole week. One day you might have to go through mind-bending things like burying someone you love or getting fired from a job. It happens. So when you think you’re struggling through tough times at gymnasium - remember, there’s a billion people going through something tougher than you at the very same point in time, you just don’t know about it.

So when life gets tough, and you think you’re at the end of your rope… tie a knot in it and hang on. You are capable of more than you know. If you are truly committed to doing something you will find a way. If not you will find excuses.

I would like to end this letter by saying “good luck” - but I stopped believing in luck a long time ago when I heard something infinitely more useful:

“Luck” is where opportunity and preparation meet.

/Mr Varley

From the Principal

Welcome to May Newsletter #60

Greetings parents,

Welcome to the May newsletter, the last newsletter for this academic school year!

We focus on the last weeks of term and briefly cover some important law updates.

Week 23 - Student Choice Week

This week has a different starting and finishing times for students in years 4-9. These times may vary depending on the activities your child has chosen. The mentor teachers will inform all students of the times and rooms for their choices and these will also be on the Student Start Site, which all students can access even from home. Please check with your child what their schedule looks like for that week.

Week 24 - Last Week of Term

This week’s schedule varies from year group to year group. Please see each year group’s summary PDF (in the email sent out to all Parents & Guardians last week).

Year 9 Graduation Ceremony - Thursday Evening 14th June.

You are formally invited to celebrate your child’s hard work at our Year 9 Graduation ceremony! Grandparents, brothers and sisters are also welcome. This ceremony will be on Thursday evening at Folkets Park. See attached invite for all the information you need. Be extra aware that parking may be difficult so plan your journey to allow time for walking to Folkets Park. Note that the Year 9 PROM is on Wednesday 13th June evening, not Thursday.

Year 6 Graduation Ceremony - Friday Morning 15th June

We do not formally invite parents to the year 1-8 ceremonies due to space reasons. However, parents of students graduating year 6 are welcome to join the Junior School this year. It will be at Folkets Park, Friday starting at 9:15 (parents who want to join should arrive at 9:00).

Spring Fair

It’s a new Spring fair with more activities and free dinner for all students and parents! All year groups join in this year and there is a schedule of start times to space the students out. We start the spring fair by taking attendance in the mentor classroom and handing out the game card. There are small competitions for individuals and the best class in each year group win bigger prizes! The students will receive more information about that from the mentors and via the school TVs.


Please refer to the detailed newsletter emailed last week for full information on how our school is adhering to the new laws and regulations regarding GDPR.

Next Autumn

Next year’s calendar will be sent out with the general June parent letter.

The first day of  regular school will be Monday 20th.

Best regards

Simon Varley