Our Story

Starting up IES Jönköping

The short history of IES Jönköping is already quite a story! From tiny beginnings - a couple of meetings with Jönköping city servants, businessmen and representatives of the town's university together with a simple letter of intent with a landlord and property developer - came great things.

IES Jönköping under construction in 2009In short, the project involved renovating an entire building from top to bottom, inside and out. We re-landscaped the entire outer area from a large car park into a pleasant playground area for children and built two large additional buildings from scratch - the full-size modern sports hall and the stylish B-building that houses the junior school and has extra teaching rooms for the school to gradually expand into. Finally we added a totally new kitchen with state-of-the-art equipment. The kitchen is dimensioned to cater to 900 people each day.


An international team

And all that is just the building! What is far more important is what is inside:the people. The principal signed the contract to lead the school in January 2009 and began immediately searching for the team that could deliver the kind of quality education and care that was envisaged for these special facilities. 100% of our teachers are fully trained and their dedication is hinted at by the simple fact that the majority have changed country or at least city in order to come and teach here.

While recruiting our enthusiastic staff, the work to spread the information about the new school began. Contrary to popular belief, we do not choose our students - they choose us! Making an active choice to leave their comfort zone, travel habits and often their class friends, our students are an exciting and diverse group who travel from far and wide to come here. We opened our doors in August 2009 with 290 students in years 6-9. In 2010, we added classes in Years 4 and 5, increasing our size to 510 students, and from August 2011 we have 620 students.

IES Jönköping - Summer Panorama