Welcome from the Principal

Welcome to my school!

Well, that's mostly true - deep down this is Barbara Bergström's school - "the one who started it all" back in 1993. I have been lucky to work with Mrs Bergström in one capacity or another since I first joined IES as a science teacher back in 2003. Those were the good old days - the eager new crew at IES Gävle carrying tables and mounting TV & video stands in between planning lessons and painting walls. Yep, you do it all in the first year, nothing is there when you move in and nothing comes for free. It's a trial by fire: the same heat that melts the butter hardens the egg - you find out quick who is who when you're building a new school from scratch.

Anyone would have thought that I would have been happy to leave that all behind me when I joined HQ in 2005 as Academic Manager. But just a few years later I got an itch I couldn't scratch and just had to do it all again. This time, however, it would be as the Principal of my own school - IES Jönköping, started in 2009 under even crazier circumstances than IES Gävle (but that's another story for another day).

For now all I have to say is welcome to my school - welcome to our school: IES Jönköping. It's a place many staff and students call their second home and no, I am not just saying that. There's a special bond and energy here that staff and students feel. This is more than just a school and to really understand and believe that you have to be here. So please come and visit our school and do that - come to an open house or come to a job interview, try our lunch and get a taste of what life is like here.

Until then - enjoy the website! And if you think something is missing, drop us a line at reception.jonkoping@engelska.se marked "WEBSITE" and we'll do our best to help.


All the best,

Simon Varley,

Principal, IES Jönköping