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A Grand Thank You

A number of bags with presents were just sent from our school to #ensamjulgransökerklappar!

We send a huge thank you to att students and parents who had the possibility to participate in this. Many children that might not have received anything for christmas will now get a gift! 

Student Work

The authors of the future goes to IES Jönköping

During October a novel competition took place for students in year 6 within the schools in the municipality. This year's edition of the writing competition offered two real records. 

This year they received 423 submissions, 200 more than the previous record year. The number of schools participating reached 18, and from these 18 schools 10 winners were selected - two of them are students at IES Jönköping. Amazing! A grand congratulation to Pattil Leranian in 6C who won with her text “Borta” and to Elin Bergström in 6B with her text “The wolf”. A huge thank you to all students for their amazing work and for making this such a fun project.

Black History Month at IESJ


Black History Month was created to focus attention on the contributions of people of colour to the world. It honours all Black people from all periods of world history. This is an opportunity for local communities to challenge racism and educate themselves and others about Black history often not taught in schools.

Fancy Dress Day

A strange mist fell upon our school this past Friday, our students and staff were not themselves..

Here is a quick sneak-peak of the crazyness. We hope to recognize them again next week, after fall break. 

Fancy Dress Day Fancy Dress Day Fancy Dress Day Fancy Dress Day

Health Week

Health Week

During week 39 we focused on Health. The students learned the importance of staying active and eating nutricious food. The school provided them with fruits and held different activities during lunch break.

To make Health Week a bit more challenging the students got a bingo card with all the lunch break activities. When they had finished an activity they got a stamp on the card and the class with the most stamps won! 

The challenges we had: Fotball, Scouting, Cycling, Basketball, Wear your club outfit, Lower body workout, Salsa dance, Plankan, Jumping rope, Handball, Hula hoop and Gymnastics. 

For the younger students our principal, Mr Varley, held a morning workout session as can be seen below. 

Health Week

Health Week

Health Week