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Primary Staff visit IES Landskrona #58

IES Jönköping Primary School staff made a visit to IES Landskrona during the school's study day on Monday 21st May.

IES Landskrona is one of the newest built IES schools, as it opened its doors in August 2017! It is one of the IES schools with not only a Primary unit but also a Pre-school!

Our Primary staff team met with the Assistant Principal of IES Landskrona, who offered them not only a tour of the school but provided very informative background information on the school. 

Our team was amazed by the wonderful architecture of the new and modern school building. What was really nice to see, was the large outdoor space they had for students. There was a wonderful playground, small hills, extravagant climbing frames, lots of swings and in general a very nicely laid out open outdoor space to play.

The afternoon was spent exchanging ways of working across the two schools for Primary staff, the Special Pedagog staff and Fritids staff.

Overall, it was a very informative, exciting and learning experience for both schools. 

We look forward too and welcome IES Landskrona to visit IES Jönköping in the new school year, commencing August 2018.

National Picnic Day #57

National Picnic Day #57

Tuesday 22nd May was a national picnic day and a study day at school! What better way to spend this day than to take our students in Fritids to Stadsparken!

Skyfall Fritids unit staff and students spent the beautiful summer morning at Stadsparken, enjoying a picnic on the grass, consisting of pasta salad (made by our expert Kitchen team off course), lots of water to help keep the students hydrated whilst playing at the park, and a healthy fruit snack!

Later in the afternoon, they had a lovely walk around the park to enjoy nature at its finest and see various animals, from peacocks, horses to sheep, ducks and much more!

Before heading back to school for mellanmål, they paid a visit to the historical bird museum at Stadsparken and enjoyed a scenic view of beautiful Jönköping! 

Staff visit to Gothenburg #56

Staff visit to Gothenburg #56

Our foreign languages staff have made the most of their time during the school's study day on Tuesday 22nd May by spending the day visiting Gothenburg to meet other foreign languages teachers from IES Johanneberg.

They had a great day, spent mostly full of good exchanges between IES Jönköping and IES Johanneberg.

The team from IES Jönköping was Laura Rodriguez and Constantin Dragan who met their colleagues Malin Öberg, Camilla Lind, Annika Jarbeck, Marco Rios, Mario Salas and Tasos Varytimidis from IES Johanneberg.

Skyfall at Oset Beach #55

Skyfall at Oset Beach #55

What a beautiful day Skyfall Fritids unit had at Oset beach, with no school and study day today, they made sure to make the most of it!

They spent the afternoon there having a grill for mellanmål, playing football, finding sticks to use for grilling their korv, playing UNO and off course enjoying the beautiful sunshine and having a little splash in the lake! 

Take a look at the photos, to see how much fun they had!

Health Week Comes to an End! #54

Health Week Comes to an End! #54

Health Week comes to an end on a high!

Skyfall unit in Fritids for Years 4, 5 & 6 ended the Health Week on a high with a mouth wateringly delicious and off course healthy fruit salad for the students and staff to enjoy after a continued week of enjoying various fruits and vegetables given to students throughout the day, all week round.

They enjoyed the fruit salad made up of melon, apples, bananas, raspberries, blueberries and clementine in the beautiful summer sun outside, after eating an appetising smörgås for mellanmål!