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Lucia 2017 (#4)

Lucia 2017 (#4)

Varje år anordnas ett tradtionsenligt luciatåg på skolan. Namnet Lucia kommer från ett helgon och betyder ljus.

Det är glädjande att uppslutningen varje år är så god och att eleverna deltar med stort engagemang trots att övningarna äger rum under deras raster.

IES Jönköping - School Blog - Lucia 2017

Nobelfesten åk 4 (#3)

IES Jönköping - School Blog - Nobelfest 1 Varje år har vi på skolan en egen Nobelfest där vi utser den bästa sagoförfattaren i varje klass i åk 4. Under flera veckor innan festen har eleverna på svensklektionerna jobbat hårt med att lära sig vad som är speciellt för en saga. De har sedan skrivit egna sagor. En vinnare utses från varje klass och de får ta emot ett pris när vi samlas för högtidlig Nobel/novellfest. På festen berättar vi också om vem Alfred Nobel var och hur det till hans minne varje år delas ut Nobelpris till framstående forskare och författare. Precis som vid Nobelfesten i Stockholm brukar eleverna på vår fest vara fint klädda och alla bjuds på något gott att äta. Det här läsåret var det de här fyra eleverna som vann priset: Melinda Thörnblad 4a, Alma Toppe 4b, Hugo Kallström samt Maya Al-Haddad 4d. Stort grattis till vinnarna!

IES Jönköping - School Blog - Nobelfest 2

Change in SMS's from SchoolSoft

Starting today, when a child is reported absent from a lesson in SchoolSoft, the guardian(s) by default will receive an SMS with detailed information including:

  • The childs name
  • The fact they were absent
  • The time of the lesson they were absent from.
  • The subject of that lesson.

This setting will be changed for all our students.

Guardians can chose to change this, on a per child basis, and instead of receiving all those details in the SMS they will then just receive a message explaining that there is information in SchoolSoft regarding their child (name included, nothing about absence, lesson times or subject).

If you wish to change this, you can follow this guide

From the Principal

Bootcamp Pannben (Push-up #2!)

Bootcamp Pannben (Push-up #2!)

I love winter Student Choice week! It's a great chance to spend some time doing soemthing totally different and to get to know a group of our great students. This year I offered "Bootcamp Pannben" to the year 7-9s. 82 students were brave enough to sign up and 40 got offered a spot in one of the two groups.

We went on a two-day journey into the world of bootcamp - outdoor physical training, assault courses and communication and teambuilding challenges out in the woods. Tough love, grit and hot dogs - we had a great time! A movie is now under production that captures all the fun moments and excellent teamwork. Until that is finished in January - here are a few teaser photos...

IES Jönköping - Bootcamp 1

IES Jönköping - Bootcamp 6

IES Jönköping - Bootcamp 5

IES Jönköping - Bootcamp 2

IES Jönköping - Bootcamp 3


From the Principal

100 push-ups? (#1)

100 push-ups? (#1)

To be able to do 100 push-ups, you must start by doing one.

My blog has been sadly neglected (as have certain other parts of this webpage) while we have prioritised other channels of communication. But no more! We shall get everything updated and we start that journey here with the first simple update.

The plan is to work towards a total of 100 updates by summer. They will focus on everything from what our school culture is, plans for future developments and goals, reports about the latest lesson visits I did, stories from my lunch conversations with students to activities going on in and around our school.

Does 100 updates sounds like a lot? Well, if you want to eat an elephant, how do you do it? One bite at a time!

Here we go...

P.S.: If you are wondering why I am not wearing office attire, read the next blog entry to find out why!