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Innovation Camp 2017

Innovation Camp 2017

On March 2nd 2017, IES Jönköping from Year 8 participated in the in the finals of "Innovation Camp", a competition organized by Småland Turism and Ung Företagsamhet.  Students were asked to solve a problem in a realistic and inspiring way.  Groups were asked to budget and plan a fictional 4 day journey to Småland by a school class from Berlin.  To succeed in the task, students were required to demonstrate both creativity and entrepreneurial skills.

A total of three of our classes made it to the final stage at the Elmia convention center.  On stage, infront of a jury and an audience, they presented their solutions to the problem.  All of our groups had great ideas but one stood out as the winner.  With good local knowledge of the area and a well structured environmental plan, our 8A class won the prize!  In adition to the honor and a diploma, our 8A class went home with a checque for 5000 SEK!  Congratulations to all students who did a wonderful job representing IES in the competition.  An extra congratulations to 8A for a well well executed victory!

  IES Jönköping - Innovation Camp - 8C   IES Jönköping - Innovation Camp - 8D

IES Jönköping - Innovation Camp - The winners 8A

Open House invitation

We would like to welcome you to our Open House at Internationella Engelska Skolan! Both staff and students will be here to show you around the school. You can listen to our Principal Simon Varley’s presentation about our school philosophy and our queue status. You will also have opportunity to ask your questions.

  • 9th of November 17:30-19:00
    • Principal’s presentation is at 18.15 in the small lunchroom.
  • 19th of November 10:00-13:00
    • Principal’s presentation is at 10.30 for Primary School and at 12.15 for Junior School in the small lunchroom. (year 1-3 & 4-6 and fritids)


Start of Term Dates for All Schools

Start of Term Dates for All Schools

Please note that students are welcome back to school for the first day of the academic year 2016-17 on:

  • Borås - Friday, 19 August
  • Bromma - Thursday, 18 August
  • Enskede - School start information already sent to stakeholders by post and via SchoolSoft.
  • Eskilstuna - Wednesday, 17 August
  • Falun - Monday, 22 August
  • Gävle - Monday, 22 August
  • Halmstad - Wednesday, 17 August
  • Huddinge - Wednesday, 17 August
  • Hässelby Strand - Thursday, 18 August
  • Hässleholm - Tuesday, 23 August
  • Johanneberg - Monday, 22 August
  • Järfälla - Thursday, 18 August
  • Jönköping - Thursday, 18 August
  • Karlstad - Wednesday, 24 August
  • Kista - Monday, 15 August
  • Krokslätt - Monday, 22 August
  • Liljeholmen - Thursday, 18 August
  • Linköping - Wednesday, 17 August
  • Lund - Friday, 19 August
  • Nacka - School start information already sent to new students and available via SchoolSoft.
  • Skärholmen - Friday, 19 August
  • Sundsvall - Monday, 22 August
  • Tyresö - Thursday, 18 August
  • Täby - Thursday, 18 August
  • Umeå - Monday, 22 August
  • Uppsala - Monday, 15 August
  • Västerås - Wednesday, 17 August
  • Älvsjö - Thursday, 18 August
  • Örebro - Wednesday, 17 August
  • Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet Södermalm - Thursday, 18 August (first year) and Friday, 19 August (all students)

IES Jönköping is launching its own clothes collection this Autumn!

IES Jönköping is launching its own clothes collection this Autumn!

IES Jonkoping - Blog post - New clothes collection 2 Roupéz Profile & Engelska Skolan

We have a high quality supplier that has produced a set of school clothes for our students. We are beginning with a simple collection but will add items to it over the coming years. We are beginning with a set of smart set of school items that reflect our profil and philosophy. These tasteful items are just as suitable for school as they are for Grandma’s 70th birthday party or any other special event where you want to look your best.

IES Jonkoping - Blog post - New clothes collection 3 The webshop will open in Autumn for you to palce your orders. Delivery will be in time for Christmas. All students will have the chance to try on the clothes and make sure they order the right sizes. In order to keep the prices down we order in bulk from a supplier abroad to keep the prices at H&M level, but for considerably higher standards. IES Jönköping does not make any profit from this – we have no “middle hand” costs added. We simply take great pride in our school and we know you do to. Let’s celebrate that together!

All the clothes are produced using acceptable and approved methods and suppliers (ISO9001 kvalité, ISO14001, miljö) For more information, please contact Tomas Persson at Roupéz Profile.

Here is the probable price list that our suppliers will give us (including taxes):

Blazer / Jacket                   495 kr
Byxor/Trousers                 300 kr
Kjol/Skirt                            150 kr
Skorta/Shirt                       225 kr
Pullover/Jumper               295 kr
Pikétröja/Polo shirt          195 kr
Slipover/Tank top             275 kr
Slips/Tie                             95 kr
Scarf                                   95 kr


Tomorrow's business leaders visit IES head office.

Tomorrow's business leaders visit IES head office.

Future entrepreneurs from Jönköping swapped the classroom for the board room when they spent a day at IES head office.


HR Manager Melanie Prinsloo addresses the class.

The spestsutbilning class, from Internationella Engelska Skolan Jönköping, is studying the advanced studies program - Business English and Entrepreneurship.  In total 23 students made the journey to Stockholm to meet managers at the company's headquarters.

The visit saw the group meet with staff including the CEO, Mr Riber, and CFO, Mr Åkerman.

Clara Agnehus (R) who wants to be a company lawyer meets IES School Lawyer Eva Andersson (L)

Clara Agnehus, from class 7B, said: “We have learnt about the different people in the company, the different stuff they like about their jobs, and what their favourite thing is and how they help each other to build up a company. It can’t just be one person it needs a lot of people who can help each other out.  I didn’t know how much they were depending on each other and how the different people worked.

"I am thinking about becoming a company lawyer when I am older and that is why I chose the Spets programme, first when they started talking about it, I thought ‘oh, it would be fun but I would never get in', but I thought why not try, but I tried and I got in, which helped me to get more confidence to talk more in English class and Spets class."

Over the course of the day the students spent time with seven head office staff. Each session saw them receive a short presentation before being given the chance to ask questions.

Simeon Salo, from class 7C, said: “I am taking part in the Spets programme so I will find it easier to have a business job when I am older, I will know more about it than others do.  We learn new stuff that we didn't know about before, and it’s important when you get older and you want a good job.

During the visit I learnt a lot about business English and different jobs in business and what they do.  This trip gave us a lot more information, because we learnt more from the people who work in the area. We met a real CFO and CEO, it is good to meet people who work high up in business."

IES Jönköping's spetsutbildning coordinator Rebecca Johansson, said: “I'm very satisfied with the co-operation with head office as part of the Spets program and also that I'm very pleased with the educational value that our visit results in."

Simeon and Clara at the entrance to head office.