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Från rektorn

Från rektorn

From the Principal Bootcamp Pannben (Push-up #2!)

Bootcamp Pannben (Push-up #2!)

I love winter Student Choice week! It's a great chance to spend some time doing soemthing totally different and to get to know a group of our great students. This year I offered "Bootcamp Pannben" to the year 7-9s. 82 students were brave enough to sign up and 40 got offered a spot in one of the two groups.

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Change in SMS's from SchoolSoft

Starting today, when a child is reported absent from a lesson in SchoolSoft, the guardian(s) by default will receive an SMS with detailed information including:

  • The childs name
  • The fact they were absent
  • The time of the lesson they were absent from.
  • The subject of that lesson.

This setting will be changed for all our students.

Visitors from Northampton

Six students studying for a BA (Hons) Special Educational Needs and Inclusion degree at the University of Northampton recently completed a visit to IES Jönköping. A very warm welcome was extended to the students and a thoughtful and interesting programme had been arranged for the visit. The students were impressed by the quiet, calm atmosphere in the school and the very good behaviour shown by the pupils.

Vi anställer! Läs mer...
Vi anställer! Läs mer...
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